Dissolution Tester

Tablet Dissolution Testing

A dissolution test is a means of identifying and proving the availability of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in their delivered form. A dissolution test reflects the availability of active substance and allows the prediction of the time for complete release of the material from the dosage form. This test plays an important role in product development, equivalence studies and for product compliance and release decisions. It is vital that the dissolution system provides accurate and reproducible results. All Pharma Test tablet dissolution testing instruments are fully USP and EP compliant. They use our MonoShaft™ tool system and include a full set of vessel and USP Apparatus 2 paddles. A full range of dissolution accessories is also available.

Galenic Instruments

Galenic Instruments

The term “galenic” comes from “galenic formulation”. Galenic formulation deals with the priniciples of preparing and compounding medicines in order to optimize their absorption. The pharmaceutical formulation of a medicine has an impact on the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and safe delivery profile of a drug. Our range of galenic instruments features all instruments used for the testing of physical parameters of solid dosage forms as well as those of powders and granules.