DIST-3 Triple Basket Tablet Disintegration Tester


Triple Basket Tablet Disintegration Tester

The DIST-3 is a three-basket manual tablet disintegration testing instrument,
manufactured according to the recent USP <701/2040>, EP <2.9.1/>, JP and other pharmacopoeias. The DIST-3 is used for the manual testing of disintegration times of tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms.


DIST-3 Triple Basket Tablet Disintegration Tester

DIST-3 Triple Basket Tablet Disintegration Tester

Operating Mode

The triple basket DIST-3 version offers the following features: The illuminated digital LED display shows the elapsed testing time and the firmware version. A silent 24V DC motor drive smoothly moves the disintegration basket up and down over a distance of 55 mm (each way), 30 times per minute. Every two seconds the stroke rate is automatically re-adjusted; the stroke height is pre-set by the eccentric drive mechanism. The disintegration baskets which hold the glass tubes and discs, are placed into a stainless steel holder. After start they are smoothly moved into the testing medium. Depending on the operating procedure, the test is either automatically stopped if the pre-set time has expired or if the operator aborts the test after he saw all samples to be disintegrated. The baskets always stop at their highest mechanical position.

Standard Disintegration Baskets

The standard disintegration baskets are supplied with 6 glass tubes and 6 plastic discs. Optionally, the 3 tube basket for larger samples according to apparatus “B” of the EP <> and USP <2040>, can be used without any further modifications.

Heating System and Mechanical Features

A built-in thermostatically controlled heating system warms the water within the Plexiglas (Perspex) bath up to 37°C. A powerful pump is used to circulate the water within the bath. The pre-selected temperature is automatically adjusted by a built-in control sensor. A second sensor is used as a safety device which switches off the heater should the temperature rise outside the limit. A thermo fuse and a thermo switch, fixed to the heater, provide additional safety features to protect the system from overheating. The bath temperature can be stepplessly adjusted. Using an external control thermometer the temperature of the test medium can be checked at any time.


  • Fully USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1/2.9.2> compliant
  • Temperature adjustable within about 30 to 45°C
  • Digital LED display of elapsed testing time and auto stop at the end of a run
  • Single (PTZ-S) and triple station instruments available
  • Exchangeable baskets for apparatus “B” (30mm tube size) as described in the USP <2040> and EP <>)
  • GMP compliant stainless steel housing


  • LED display informing of running time and firmware version
  • Totally silent operation of the stroke mechanism
  • Pre-programmable maximum disintegration time with Auto-Stop function
  • Vibration free movement, stroke height set to 55 mm at 30 strokes/min
  • Disintegration basket always stops at highest point
  • Built-in heating system includes overheating protection
  • Small footprint: approx. 42 x 35 x 42cm (width x depth x height)


Technical Specifications

DisplayLED, illuminated
Data EntryFunctional keys
Testing Positions3 baskets for 6 samples each (alternative baskets for 3 larger samples available)
Timer1 sec. up to 9 hrs. 59 min. 59 sec.
Stroke HeightFixed at 55mm
Stroke Frequency30 strokes / minute
Temperature AdjustmentSet to 37°, adjustable by potentiometer between approx. 30° and 45°C
Instrument HousingStainless steel, powder coated surface for better material protection
Instrument DimensionsApprox. 42 x 35 x 42cm (width x depth x height)
Packaging DimensionsApprox. 60 x 48 x 62cm (width x depth x height)
Net / Gross Weight18 / 24kg
CertificationAll components certified to USP/EP requirements
CE/EMC CertificationAll CE/EMC certification provided
ValidationAll IQ & OQ documents included

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

  • Ready to operate including three fully equipped disintegration baskets, including disks and glass tubes
  • Three 1 ltr. glass beakers
  • Thermometer
  • Comprehensive documentation folder including:
    • User manual
    • IQ documentation
    • OQ documentation
    • Instrument logbook


  • Exchangeable baskets for apparatus “B” (30mm tube size) as described in the USP <2040> and EP <>)
  • Recommended Spare Part & Consumable Kit
  • Full range of certified validation tools

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