Offline Automated Dissolution Systems

Offline Automated Tablet Dissolution Systems

The DFC offline semi-automated dissolution testing systems include a dissolution bath, a pump and a fraction collector which collects the sampled dissolution media. The DSR-M systems can offer online dilution in addition to the sampling. Automated refilling of the collected media back into the testing vessels is possible for both the DFC and DSR-M systems.

What Does Semi-Automated Tablet Dissolution Testing Mean?

Semi-automated in this case means automated sampling for a dissolution test instrument at pre-programmed times. Automating this step alone eases the dissolution job a lot. After all samples have been dropped, the dissolution test proceeds automatically and all samples are simultaneously removed from each connected vessel. The sample is delivered into a connected fraction collector by either a PT-SP syringe pump, a peristaltic pump, or a valve-less piston pump. These systems do not require any external PC software to control them (the WinDiss ARGUS dissolution software package can be used optionally). Sampling information is entered directly at the connected Pharma Test dissolution testing instrument.