Suppository Dissolution Test Cell (Rotating Dialysis Cell)

The PTSW-0 Suppository Dissolution Test Cell (Rotating Dialysis Cell) is placed into a standard USP type dissolution vessel which in turn is inserted into a standard tablet dissolution testing instrument to test the rate of dissolved active of suppositories and lipophilic carriers.

PTSW-0 Suppository Dissolution Test Cell

PTSW-0 Suppository Dissolution Test Cell


The cell is immersed in the dissolution vessel. It is developed for the study of drug release from hydrophobic carrier preparations, such as suppositories. It encloses a small volume (max. 30ml) of inner fluid by means of a dialysis membrane. The cell itself rotates horizontally in a larger volume of test medium, which has the same pH as the inner volume. The sample is placed inside the inner cell. The rotating speed is reduced in by a factor of 4:1 using a gear. The active dissolves through the membrane into the outer phase and can be measured there using common detection technology like UV/VIS spectrocopy for example. It is proven that the PTSW-0 cell is a suitable tool to study factors which may influence the dissolution and absorption of controlled release formulations.

Cell Composition

  • Drive shaft
  • Reduction gear drive
  • USP glass vessel
  • Thermometer
  • Agitator blade
  • Dialysis membrane
  • O-ring
  • Dialysis cell
  • Plastic insert supporting membrane

The PTSW-O can be used with any Pharma Test dissolution testing instrument model  PTWS 120D, PTWS 120S, PTWS 820D, PTWS 620, PTWS 1220 or  PTWS D620.


  • Variable rotation speed, low speed settings using reduction gear
  • Useable with every Pharma Test PTWS


  • Can be used in a common dissolution bath having a suitable drive system (drive shaft design made to fit into Pharma Test dissolution bath only)
  • Easy to operate, set-up and remove for cleaning

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Cell rotation speed 5 – 60 rpm
Drive gear Speed reduction ratio 4:1
Filter membrane Typical: Millipore Durapor HPVL 0.45 µm

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

Included in the Standard Scope of Supply

  • Complete PTSW-0 Suppository Dissolution Test Cell (part. no. 39-00502)
  • One set of filter membrane (part no. 500-0503-50)

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