Tablet Disintegration Testing

Tablet Disintegration Testing Instruments


Tablet disintegration testing instruments are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the disintegration characteristics of formulations and the quality control of different dosage forms. All Pharma Test tablet and capsule disintegration testers are fully compliant with the current USP and EP Pharmacopeia and support both A-type and B-type baskets for regular or larger samples. They feature a stainless steel housing, to be more GMP compliant than painted housing designs. Often these instruments are used in QC and IPC laboratories where most of the other equipment uses stainless steel as well. This way the Pharma Test instruments certainly do not look out of place. Pharma Test disintegration testing instruments are available with several levels of automation:

  • Fully automated disintegration testing: PTZ AUTO EZ

  • Semi-automated disintegration testing: PTZ AUTO

  • Manual disintegration testing: PTZ-S, DIST-3

The PT-ODF disintegration basket add-on is a unique device to test the disintegration times of orodispersible films.