The German Gründlichkeit

Any pharmaceutical production line requires regular testing of physical properties and active ingredient content. For over 40 years, Pharma Test has been a household name with the development and production of high-value test devices and systems for quality-testing tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules, bulk materials and other solid formats. We offer a complete product range from manual devices for physical testing to fully automated analytical test systems to analyse the chemical composition of a drug. Our foremost priority is to develop products with the quality you would expect from the „Made in Germany“ label – “The German Gründlichkeit”.

Where quality comes as standard

In the pharmaceutical industry, quality and safety standards are extremely high. Meeting these standards requires the use of reliable test equipment and systems. As a globally renowned manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical test equipment, we are committed to upholding these standards. We continuously develop and optimise our product range to offer our customers both cutting-edge technology and a standard of quality that satisfies the most stringent requirements. Quality is simply an integral part of what we do.

The committment to quality is reflected in the products

This commitment to quality is reflected in all our products. Every product in our range is made of sturdy, high-quality materials and complies with all the relevant safety standards. Crucial components are made of stainless steel rather than plastic, which means our products contain no plastic axle mountings or bearings. This makes them more hygienic and more durable for everyday laboratory use. After all, it’s the tablets that should disintegrate, not the equipment. Precision measurements throughout the lifetime of the machine. Absolute precision is vital in the pharmaceutical industry. Any errors in measurement could have serious consequences and must be avoided at all costs. Pharma Test is synonymous the world over with high-quality test equipment that’s designed to produce accurate analysis results. We strive for perfection to give you the best results.

Sturdy drums for friability testers – like PTF 3DR

Complete flexibility

No two laboratories are the same. That’s why many of our devices are designed to be installed both lengthwise and crosswise. The interchangeable control units allow the devices to be adapted to different circumstances for maximum flexibility in installation.

All-in-one solution

Any pharmaceutical production line requires regular testing of various parameters. But why measure just one parameter? With our test devices you can measure tablet thickness, hardness, diameter and weight all at the same time. Measuring all these parameters in the same process saves time, space and the money that would otherwise be spent on additional equipment. As well as being versatile, our products are intelligent: every test specimen is accurately and automatically fed to the right place in the machine with no change of format.

Commitment to sustainability

Pharma Test is continually working to improve sustainability, both in the production process and in the life cycle of our products. We choose only durable materials and operate a comprehensive maintenance programme to keep our products working reliably. Our high standard of quality forms an integral part of our commitment to sustainability, because the durability and reliability of our products not only delivers economic benefits – it reduces their environmental impact, too.

Complete product range

We offer a complete product range designed to meet all of your laboratory needs. From high-quality test equipment and systems to software, made-to-measure solutions, maintenance and service, we cover almost every requirement. Your needs will be dealt with by a single contact person. So contact us today and tell us how we can help you.

Ever since the beginning, Pharma Test has set itself the goal of satisfying the stringent requirements of the international pharmaceutical industry. Our range of high-quality test equipment includes analytical products, automatic systems and galenical products.