Check out the New PTB 420 Auto Video

The fully automated 4 in 1 tablet testing instrument PTB 420 Auto is a dual test mode instrument to determine the weight, diameter, thickness and hardness of tablets. PTB 420 Auto features an integrated analytical balance module to determine individual sample weights and a tablet feeder for up to 25 samples. > more information » more information

Check out the New DSR-M Dissolution Sampling Robot Video

The DSR-M automated dissolution sampling robot is designed specifically for the sample transfer and sample processing from a 6 to 8 (DSR-M8) or a 12 to 13 (DSR-M13) vessel dissolution bath. This unique and versatile instrument allows collecting, dilution and/or processing samples over very short time intervals. It can also be used for dissolution medium replenishment to conform to USP/EP volume loss rules. For media replacement, the CAT-MRM module is used and eliminates the need for separate refilling tubing lines compared to conventional offline Systems. » more information


Pharma Test Announces Acquisition of J&M

Pharma Test has recently acquired J&M Analytik AG, a German manufacturer and developer of fiber-optic diode-array spectrometer systems for laboratory and process applications. This new paLeft: Harald Nitsche, CEO J&M, Right: Björn Fähler, CEO Pharma Testrtnership is a part of Pharma Test’s ongoing organic growth strategy. J&M’s expertise and technologies will help expand Pharma Test’s options for analytical test systems. The partnership with Pharma Test will also enable J&M to better deliver its innovative solutions to customers on a global scale. To learn more, read the press release or visit the J&M website at:

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