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PTWS100D and PTWS100S 6-Station Dissolution Testing Instrument

PTWS100D and PTWS100S 6-Spindle Dissolution Tester

The PTWS 100 instrument design is a bench saving 6-station, lift-up, staggered stirrer start dissolution bath which offers six stirred positions, self-sealing and centring vessel covers, touch screen operation...

PTZ AUTO 4EZ Fully Automated Disintegration Testing Instrument

PTZ AUTO4EZ Fully Automated Disintegration Testing

This is the fully automatic version of the PTZ AUTO 4. With upgraded electronics and the PT-MKT or PT-MKT33 baskets. The four station tablet and capsule disintegration test instrument allows the fully automated...
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PTWS 820D Compact 8-Position Tablet Dissolution Testing Instrument Available Now

PTWS 820DThe new PTWS 820D is based on the design of the popular PTWS 800D and features 8 stirred positions in either a 2×4 or a 4×2 configuration. A large, color touch screen allows control of the various mechanical features of the instrument such as the tool stirring speed, lift drive and heater. The instrument control is menu driven. Visual signals on the display inform the user of the status of critical instrument parameters, e.g. bath target temperature not reached. The PTWS 820D is available now. For more details see the PTWS 820D website and download the PDF brochure there.

Improved Handling of Foaming Media with PT-DDS4

PT-DDS4 inlet for foaming media

To improve the handling of foaming media, like SLS with the Pharma Test PT-DDS4 media preparation system, a new alternative inlet is available now. Now, a bent inlet tube can be used as an alternative to the standard diffuser inlet. The bent inlet tube directs the medium against the barrel wall, where it can gently flow down the tank, thus preventing an excessive foam build up.The inlet tubes can be changed freely by the user. The inlets are secured by a knurled head screw. An upgrade kit for existing PT-DDS4 instruments is available as well. The PT-DDS4 inlet for foaming media is available now. For more details on the PT-DDS4 media preparation system see product website and download the PDF brochure there.

PTB 111EP Tablet Hardness Testing Instrument with Integrated Protocol Printer Available Now

PTB 111EPThe new digital tablet hardness testing instrument PTB 111EP includes an integrated protocol printer. It is a dual force mode hardness test apparatus as it can be used for either linear force or linear speed increase while tablet hardness is tested. It offers a multiple point validation procedure for the built-in digital load cell. The flexibility and the reproducibility of the results have made this and other models, like the PTB 311E series become one of the most sold tablet hardness testing instruments worldwide. By using an integrated report printer, the bench space requirements to of this instrument are even lower than other instruments from the PTB series, since no additional external printer is required. Furthermore, the report printer requires less paper than a standard A4 printer and by this helps to preserve our precious natural resources. The PTB 111EP is available now. For more details see the PTB 111EP website and download the PDF brochure there.

Determine Bulk Density of Powder with the new PT-SV100 Scott Volumeter

The new PT-SV100 Scott Volumeter determines bulk density of powders according to the following standard Monographs: ISO 3923-2 (metallic powders): determination of apparent density, EP <> USP <616, Method II> bulk density and tapped density of powders and method II, ASTM 32990 standard test method for apparent density of metal powders and compounds. The PT-SV100 is applicable to powders including metal powders, compounds, pigments, and so on that will flow freely through a suitable nozzle. The PT-SV100 is available now. For more details see the PT-SV100 website and download the PDF brochure there.