Recap of ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Recap of ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Recap of ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

A look back and recap of ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany – one of the leading industry exhibitions with home advantage for the PHARMA TEST GROUP headquarters. The show took place from 11-15 June 2018 at the exhibition grounds of Messe Frankfurt. It featured 3,700 exhibitors from 55 countries with around 145,000 visitors this year.

Quick snap with a few of our valued distributing partners who came to visit ACHEMA and us before...
... delving into conversations and exchange.
The Pharmag Pilot Plant System with UAM universal motordrive as basis - attached here with CMP plexiglas cube blenders.
World premiere at ACHEMA 2018: The new PTWS 1420 – a 14+2 tablet dissolution testing instrument.
The TIDAS® L is the new powerhouse spectrometer from J&M – available in different spectroscopic techniques for various purposes.
The Dispersion Releaser: a release apparatus for nano- and microformulations. It was developed together with Fraunhofer Institut at Goethe University Frankfurt.
PTB 420 Auto and PTF 200.
PTB 420 Auto a fully automated 4-in-1 tablet testing instrument.
The new PTF series of automated friability testers - exhibiting here with PTF 200 with two drums.
The J&M moisture sensor MS-80P.
The TIDAS® P Pro Clean cleaning validation system.
A large group of students visiting the PHARMA TEST GROUP booth...
... and happily getting explanations and demonstrations.
A lot of our various partners also came to visit the booth – like here ebene3 our longtime web developer.
Skyline from Frankfurt/Main before sunset – venue for all ACHEMA exhibitions.


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Highlights: ADS-L 1420 online automated dissolution »closed loop« testing system (on the left) and PTG-NIR the powerful powder analysis system (on the right). Both systems including the powerhouse spectrometer TIDAS® L from J&M

For more impressions on the exhibition visit the official ACHEMA website. Pharma Test together with our sister companies J&M and Pharmag had a succesful exhibition and would like to thank you very much for your visit. See you at the next ACHEMA in 2021 – from 14-18 June 2021 (Mon-Fri).

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