UAM Universal Motor Drive

UAM Universal Motor Drive industry-standardized tool with attachment flange.


Universal Motor Drive

The UAM Universal Motor Drive, an industry-standardized tool with attachment flange, is the essential power house of the Pharmag Pilot Plant System for all flanged attachments, even from other worldwide known brands.

The UAM Universal Motor Drive
UAM with emergency pedal

The UAM Universal Motor Drive

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About the UAM

It is the core of R&D as well as of low-volume batch manufacturing units of pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industry, such as: blenders, mixers, homogenizers, granulators, pelletizers, crushers, coating pans and even for dosing & filling of liquid and semi-solid preparations.

The smart design of the UAM Universal Motor Drive allows easy changeover of attachments in an effective, swift way and attaching of peripherals, such as foot pedals and safety devices (e.g. reed relay, inductive proximity switch).

Multiple Possibilities

The unique design of the UAM Universal Motor Drive is creatively implemented in such a way, that there is more than enough space to contain the geometry of any attachment and, it allows a flexible all-around access for any desired adjustment.

The UAM Universal Motor Drive is equipped with the most modern, state-of-the-art controlling electronics. The user friendly on-screen menu allows an easy quick data entry for the adjustment of speed and operating time. Furthermore, it is also possible to save up to 20 different operating programs.

The built-in motor offers a smooth, stepless adjusting of speed in the range of 50-450 rpm, while the inner gear transmission mechanism offers a high torque for a powerful performance


  • Sustainable investment
  • User friendly & dynamic
  • Robust and resistant
  • Versatile ports
  • High quality standards


» One UAM for all attachments (also from other brands)
» Advanced state-of-Art control electronics
» Powder coated case; chrome-alloy coated aluminum parts
» OSSD ports for connection of foot pedals, safety switches etc.
» CE compliant

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Speed range 50 – 450 rpm
AC mains voltage 100 – 240 V; 50-60 Hz
Allover power rating 600 W
Efficiency 80%
Speed tolerance ±1 rpm
Gear reduction ratio (inner) 1:6
Gear reduction ratio

(with UGD adapter)

Timer Up to 99h 59min 59s
Savable operation programs  20
Available ports for external peripherals

(e.g. foot pedals, safety switch)

4 OSSD ports, each with 4 power pins
Instrument dimensions

(depending on the type of attachment used the approx. space requirements for the width are up to 900 mm)

Approx. 400 x 680 x 730 mm (width x depth x height)
Instrument dimensions with mounted UGD

(including the swiveling lever in its highest position)

Approx. 680 x 400 x 1050 mm (width x depth x height)
Packaging dimensions Approx. 480 x 800 x 840 mm (width x depth x height)
Net / Gross weight 33 / 41 kg

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.


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