Together in Spirit – We Are There for You. Please Stay Safe! A Message From CEO Björn Fähler

Together in Spirit – We Are There for You. Please Stay Safe! A Message From CEO Björn Fähler

Together in Spirit – We Are There for You. Please Stay Safe! A Message From CEO Björn Fähler


Dear All (customers, partners, colleagues, employees, all other stakeholders),

We are currently facing challenging times due to the corona (COVID-19) pandemic. This is very serious and impacts all of us in our lives and or even existence. Due to current safety measures in Germany, Europe and all over the rest of the world there are area and nationwide restrictions regarding traveling. Schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, universities etc. are currently closed, as are restaurants and non-essential shops. Events have been cancelled or postponed, quarantines have been and continue to be set. Life as most of us are used to and know it is currently put on hold. Business is NOT as usual.

We at the PHARMA TEST GROUP want you to know that we are still there for you and trying our best to be available while also following safety precautions and restrictions. We are fully aware of our responsibility as a provider of pharmaceutical quality testing equipment which ensures safer, better medicine. We continue to operate and our production is running.

While we can’t be there for you physically right now, we are still available for you via email, telephone and also online using tools like Skype. We have people working from home now but they too can be reached using their normal email and phone numbers. Our central line is still +49 6182 9532-600 and group emails like and are still being monitored. All other email addresses and phone numbers continue to be operational and are unchanged.

Currently there are no production delays and we do not anticipate this on short term either. Our stocks of critical components and spare parts are reasonably filled. Our supply chains are generally short with most of our suppliers being from inside of Germany. However, all logistic processes are currently heavily affected. The available freight space on planes has been drastically reduced. Trucks are stuck at country borders for many hours. This means we currently see freight rates 3-5 times as high as just a few days ago. For every shipment we now contact the forwarder to find out if there is a way and what is the current rate. We then contact each customer to verify if they can still receive goods. This takes additional time but for now this is to only way we can proceed. For these reasons we are not able to continue to calculate our shipping costs in quotations and order confirmations. We will now check this shortly before dispatch and contact you. For already pending orders we will absorb the risen costs on our end.

Right now it is important FOR ALL OF US that we do our part and help to Flatten the Curve – to not overload our invaluable healthcare system’s capacity and to especially protect the risk groups such as the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions which include (very) young people, too. We do this by regularly and thoroughly washing our hands and generally keeping good (hand) hygiene, also by not touching our faces (especially eyes, nose and mouth), practicing social distancing as much as possible, not shaking hands, coughing and sneezing in the crook of the arm and turning away from people, trying to stay at home as much as possible, avoiding traveling and visits, helping risk groups with their shopping. This is a very dynamic situation, where we all have to react and adapt daily.

Please stay safe! We are in this together.

CEO Björn Fähler and all members of the management