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About Banbuh Business Contact

“Banbuh Business Contact founded in 2004, is a leading distributor of Laboratory equipment, Medical Equipment, Chemicals, Glass wares, supplies and all-purpose Equipment. Banbuh Business Contact maintains a strong relationship with suppliers and has high customer retention due to supply of highest quality equipment and professional support: after sales service. Banbuh Business Contact regularly works on projects and tenders released by government and international institutions in addition to serving regular customers. In the Last couple of years our scope of business has grown to different parts of Eastern Africa With the plan to serve our customers. We represent many laboratory and medical equipment manufacturing companies established in Europe & 0ther parts of the World. We are at the center of the distributing business— finding markets that help the Suppliers better understand the sales conditions, potential buyers and the process how to deliver.”

Pharma Test award to Banbuh Business Contact for Excellence in Market Development