We Wish You Safe Holidays and a Better 2021

We Wish You Safe Holidays and a Better 2021

As you know in 2020 everything was different (and unfortunately currently still is). Business was not as usual. The COVID-19 pandemic took over in many aspects of our day to day lives. Life as most of us are used to and know it was put on abrupt hold. Nearly every country had their own safety measures and restrictions installed. It was practically a daily adjustment for everyone to contain the contagious novel coronavirus and to stay safe. Our thoughts go out to everyone that has been affected either personally or in their surroundings.

‘Social distancing’ became the new normal (and a coined phrase). As was wearing a mask to protect others everywhere we go. Staying at home as much as possible was the recommendation. Instead of traveling and personal visits, a lot of virtual meetings took place via Teams, Zoom and other platforms. Virtual trainings became much more prominent and important. A lot of people worked from home for the first time. A silver lining was that companies learned and became much faster accustomed to working and connecting through digital venues than what was possible before the pandemic.

We at Pharma Test are very grateful for all the work and business we had in 2020 – and in this context would like to thank you for your labor and for a constructive and trusting cooperation. This made it possible for us to continue our operations mostly uninterrupted during this time. Especially in a year like this we put great efforts into improving our services and our products. Some of the efforts you can see in form of the highlights and news below, others are still to come. The world is changing more and more rapidly in many ways and we strive to actively shape this future for our particular niche of activities.

Let’s hope that 2021 will be the year where we all rebuild. We wish you all Safe Holidays, time to rest and a save start in the new year. To a better 2021 for us all!


News and Highlights in 2020