Your contact and our exclusive distributing partner for Algeria is SARL ESCLAB:


“Since its creation in 2004, ESCLAB has become a nationally and internationally recognized company, thanks to the major brands it represents in Algeria. The reputation that ESCLAB earns in the field from day to day is unquestionably the fruit of a clientele that is pushing ahead with its demands for quality and performance.

We are an exclusive representative of brands such as: RESTEC, HACH LANGE, PHARMA TEST, SHIMADZU, TESTO, METROHM, FLUKE, SIEMENS, BINDER, VELP, HYGIENA. We are also official distributors of more than thirty foreign brands. Thanks to our laboratory of Metrology and our highly qualified metrology engineers, we ensure the qualification and validation of laboratory equipment and calibration of measuring instruments. Wheither on site or in the laboratory, we offer a wide range of services in the field of mechanical,presure, thermal and electrical quantities. Excellence and Performance are at the heart of our strategy.