Ampoule Breakpoint Tester

The PTBA 211E is an ampoule hardness (or breakpoint) testing instrument. It is a special adaptation of the PTB 311E series to allow the determination of ampoule break point. Ampoules with a volume of 1 to 30ml may be tested. Up to 250 tests per series for statistical evaluation are possible. The results may be printed using a PCL5 laser or a dot matrix printer. It can include a batch code and a date and time stamp. Easy calibration and validation possible with full calibration report.

The PTBA 211E is probably the most used ampoule breakpoint testing instrument world-wide. Its stainless steel design, easy to operate features, and the design in compliance to the DIN/ISO 9187 are highlights of this popular instrument.


  • Fully DIN/ISO 9187 compliant
  • Exchangeable supports to allow test of 1-30ml ampoules
  • Programmable print-out of force increase curve
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