TIDAS® OEM Solutions

More Than Components for Spectroscopy

J&M, as the pioneer in fiber optic spectroscopy since 1987, is well known for its superior HPLC UV/VIS diode array detector modules. We support you as an OEM customer in creating and implementing new technologies into your application. The J&M TIDAS® diode array spectrometer series are the fastest and most sensitive in their class and field. They use high quality optics, powerful electronics, customized fiber optic probes and software. To achieve this, J&M has developed a new family of sensor electronics. Combined with powerful on-board processing capabilities and different process interfaces, the ASPEN electronics Family is the basis for the OEM instrumentation.

Not only technical aspects like our know-how in fiber optics design but also understanding your needs for quality and cost effectiveness creates value for our OEM customers. We provide detectors, light-sources, opto-electronic components and software modules for customer specific applications. The components are optimized for use with optical fibers and are designed to be integrated seamlessly. Our in house R&D team with experts in precision engineering, optics and electronics will work with you to understand your application and to develop the URS.