About J&M

Since the foundation in 1987, J&M Analytik AG has offered innovative solutions and analytical systems for both laboratory and process analytics. J&M has gained a reputation in the field of fiber-optic measuring systems in the area of UV/VIS and NIR spectroscopy. The TIDAS® series of spectrometers are used with suitable accessories such as tailored measuring cells and fiber- optic probes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. In 2016 J&M Analytik AG joined THE PHARMA TEST GROUP as its third member company. This new partnership will enable J&M to better deliver our innovative solutions through the strong sales network of Pharma Test on a global scale.

Typical applications are the monitoring of cleaning, drying, and mixing processes as well as the determination of concentration of ingredients like fat and protein content in milk. Innovative products are constantly developed by working closely with both customers and partners. Our new developments in the area of networked, miniaturized fiber-optic probes based on LED technology will further advance the integration of spectroscopic analytics in the mass market.

J&M has Three Main Product Lines

  • TIDAS® Lab: laboratory and educational spectrometer instruments
  • TIDAS® Process: process analyzers for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food agriculture and environmental industry
  • TIDAS® OEM: OEM components for optical spectroscopy like detectors, light sources and multiplexers

The J&M TIDAS® spectrometers are fiber-optic diode-array spectrometer systems and instruments for lab and process applications. They are based on UV/VIS, NIR, Raman and LIF technology. The instruments are run by the internally developed TIDASDAQ3 software for instrument control, data visualization and evaluation. Additionally J&M offers a broad selection of accessories and process interfaces, both contact and non-contact. This flexibility is due to the use of fiber-optics in all of the J&M instruments.

The innovative and award-winning MS-80 moisture sensor – available as both process and lab solution

The innovative and award-winning MS-80 moisture sensor – available as both process and lab solution

J&M Products and Technology can be Used for Many Applications, such as

  • Blend and Drying Monitoring
  • Cleaning Monitoring and Validation
  • Coating and Particle Size Monitoring
  • Hygiene Monitoring
  • Moisture Measurement
  • Raw Material Identification
  • Reaction Monitoring

Keep on Innovating

We continually strive towards developing new innovative applications and revealing new application possibilities.  Demonstrated by the quantity and diversity of our applications, we are sure we can provide customized, flexible, and relevant successful solutions.


1987J&M Analytische Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH was founded by Jungbauer and Mannhardt enabling process solutions with new diode array spectrometer
1990World’s fastest Transputer Integrated Diode Array Spectrometer (TIDAS) presented at ACHEMA (1000 spectra/s) / Optical Film Thickness measurement system - development for Carl Zeiss
1992New family of spectroscopy process analyzers installed at Osram, Sandoz, Roche…
1996Innovation award for fiber-optic fluorescence spectrometer FL3095
1998Company is sold to Leach Holding U.S.A. Jungbauer leaves company. Additional business area on OEM components for spectroscopy and launch of novel diode-array microscope spectrometer and photometer series MSP
2003MBO by Mannhardt and Nitsche. New cooperation with GEA group. Focus on developing novel spectroscopy probes and techniques in the pharmaceutical production process
2008J&M Lighthouse probe technology won multiple awards, e.g. Process award, VR award
2009Change of legal form to J&M Analytik AG
2010J&M wins large bid for microscope spectrometers. 52 MSP systems are installed at Japanese police
2014J&M is awarded with the INNOVATIVE THROUGH RESEARCH seal by the Stifterverband
2016J&M is acquired by THE PHARMA TEST GROUP
2018Re-launch of the Pharma Test website and integration of the J&M and Pharmag sites

Technology Award for J&M Analytik AG at Powtech 2016