Each spectrometer produced by J&M is fully tested before being delivered to the customer. Our experts for final inspection use the internally developed, database-driven software SPECTRAFAB and the same reference material as later for the operational qualification (OQ) after installation at the customer’s site.

Example for a test of wavelength accuracy in SPECTRAFAB.

Together with the other measurements and specifications these results are printed in a certificate, which is included with the instrument to document that this system was produced according to the requirements of USP and EP Pharmacopeia.

Reference Standards

The reference standards are supplied by companies like Hellma or Starna and consists of a set of cuvettes with liquids or glass filters in holders shaped like a standard cuvette. These sets are stored in boxes for protection. The liquid standards should have a temperature not exceeding 23°C during the mesurement process. On the other hand they shouldn‘t be too cold to prevent condensation.