TIDASDAQ3 Software

Data acquisition and processing software for all TIDAS® spectrometers.


Data Acquisition and Processing Software

The easy to use TIDASDAQ3 software is the common package for all TIDAS® spectrometers. The software offers various data acquisition modes and features integrated modules for color evaluation, thin-film measurement, chemometric modelling and more. This allows for easy real-time data processing during the measurement run, enabling the software to be used for process monitoring as well. TIDASDAQ3 is also used to control optional accessories and multiple detectors, e.g. for simultaneous data acquisition with the TIDAS® CDS (Combined Detector System UV + NIR). Data can be stored in different formats such as SPC, txt and csv.

TIDASDAQ3 main screen

TIDASDAQ3 main screen

Multiple user access levels and custom user interfaces can be defined. Data exchange with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems is possible by an integrated OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control) server. The scripting option allows to adapt the data acquisition and processing to complex processes (e.g. baseline correction and multi-channel data acquisition).

Intelligent Data Acquisition

TIDASDAQ3 features data acquistion modes for:

  • Single Scan
  • Multi Scan
  • Time Scan
  • and Kinetic Scan

An integrated script language allows custom defintion of the data acquisition modes including multiple configurable tigger modes like digital I/O, timer or events. The data acquisition is synchronized with accessories like scanning stage, monochromator or multiplexer.

Process Control and Scripts

OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control) is a series of standards and specifications for industrial telecommunication. The OPC server integrated into TIDASDAQ3 communicates with state of the art process systems to offer automated process monitoring or real-time process control. An optional 4-20 mA interface can be used for data exchange. Custom user scripts enable process dependent data acquisition and data processing for single or multi-channel applications. This also allows standardized measurements by avoiding erroneous inputs of parameters by the user. Documentation of the scripting language is included with the software. Furthermore we offer customization of the software based on your requirements as a service.

Custom user scripts enable process dependent data acquisition and data processing.

Custom user scripts enable process dependent data acquisition and data processing.

Layer Thickness

The layer thickness module uses the contactless and non-destructive white light interference to detect the layer thickness of coatings on different materials. Different algorithms allow detecting single or multiple layers from a few nm up to the 200 μm range. For example this is used in the automotive industry to determine the thickness of the interpenetration and hardness lacquer of the front headlights.

Multivariate Data Analysis

Chemometrics plays an important role in optical spectroscopy. The multivariate data analysis module uses state of the art algorithms to predict concentrations of analytes in very complex matrices depending on multi-wavelength spectral response as well as on temperature, pressure, flow, etc. In addition, the interface to CAMOs OLUP and OLUC allows to use models created by CAMOs The Unscrambler® software.

TIDASDAQ3 includes the following principal methods:

  • Correlation analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Multipoint Analyse Technique
  • Multi Linear Regression (MLR)
  • Principal Component Regression (PCR)
  • Partial Least Square Regression (PLS)

Color Analysis

The color measurement module measures the color of so lid or liquid samples in different color systems, like Hunter, CIE etc. The resulting values help to increase the level of confidence for product quality. By using not only the color values, but also the whole spectral information, TIDASDAQ3 helps to identify the material and composition of it, for example at historical paintings and furniture.

Real Time Data Processing

  • Transmission, absorbance, reflectance, emission
  • Trend analysis (value over time) with formula parser
  • Color analysis (XYZ, CIELAB, Hunter, dominant wavelength)
  • Layer thickness for single and multiple layers
  • Multivariate data analysis and interface for CAMO OLUP / OLUC

Process Capabilities

  • OPC process interface for data exchange with SCADA Systems
  • Configurable user interface
  • Instrument validation module according to USP / EP
  • User level access (admin, system owner, user)
  • Audit trail and log server
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant


  • Intelligent data acquisition
  • Real time data processing
  • Process capabilities
  • Process control and scripts
  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Integrated color analysis


  • One common software for all TIDAS® spectrometers
  • Easy to use
  • Models for color evaluation, thin-film measurement, chemometric modelling and more already included
  • Integrated data processing
  • User level access
  • Process interface available
  • Instrument validation included
  • Supports script programming
  • Configurable user interface