Highly sensitive photomultiplier with fiber optics for LIF applications.


Highly Sensitive Photomultiplier with Fiber Optics for LIF Applications

TIDAS® S spectrometers are available in various combinations of wavelength and detectors. The user has therefore various UV/VIS/NIR in wavelength ranging from 190 to 2200 nm available. We are offering instruments with spectral detectors as well as photomultipliers. The TIDAS® S 100 PMT is ideal to be used for Laser Induced Flourescence measurements (LIF). J&M offers a broad range of light guide coupled lasers with different excitation wavelengths.

Plug und Play – with help of standard accessories the TIDAS® sits ready to be immediately operational

Photomultiplier Technology – enables quick and costefficient measuring of single wavelengths

Software – modular and user friendly, permits the data acquisition and evaluation of individual tasks

Connectors on the Back

All connectors of TIDAS® S instruments are mounted on the backside of the instrument to ensure a clean and organised working space in your laboratory.

Another highlight of the TIDAS® S instruments is the single Ethernet interface which allows them to be easily incorporated into existing network environments. Trigger and control cables allow the coupling and control of external devices such as specimen or filter changers and light sources.


  • Photomultiplier with fiber optics
  • Broad range of light guide coupled lasers with different excitation wavelengths available


  • Highly sensitive photomultiplier
  • Ideal for use in LIF applications

Technical Data

Operating Voltages700-1100V; adjustable with software
Scan SpeedMax. 100 Hz
Baseline Drift< ± 1%/h (after 2h heating period
Signal-to-noise Ratio< ± 0.5% (3% reflection, 5 Hz)
Number of Amplifier Stages4 (factor 1, 10, 100, 1000)
Sensitivity300 mA
IlluminationSMA 905
Bench Space Requirementsapprox. 35x32cm
Packaging Dimensionsapprox. 80 x 60 x 60 cm (W x D x H)
Weightapprox. 8kg net weight, 14kg gross weight
Power Supply85-265 VAC / 47-63 Hz
InterfaceTCP/IP 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Digital I/OStandard: 2x IN / 2x OUT
A/D Converter16 Bit
Optical Fiber ConnectionSMA 905

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice

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