Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solutions

TIDAS spectrometers for use in the NIR range.

Near-infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solutions

TIDAS Spectrometers for Use in the NIR Range

J&M offers both benchtop instruments from the TIDAS L, TIDAS S and TIDAS E lines as well as TIDAS P process analyzers for applications in the NIR range:

J&M’s latest models of laboratory spectrometers, the TIDAS L series of diode-array spectrometers, follow an approach of integration. The TIDAS L instruments feature an integrated PC with a large, high-resolution touch screen running the powerful TIDASDAQ software. The instruments can be run stand-alone or be connected to your network to share the results of the analyses in your organization. The diode array technology gives you rapid results over the full spectrum with each scan:

TIDAS L Integrated NIR Spectrometers

The TIDAS S series utilises our many years of experience in the combination of diode array spectroscopy with fiber-optic technology. These spectrometers combine modularity, flexibility, ease of use and high quality in one. Their broad capabilities are demonstrated by the wide variety of applications. TIDAS S systems are either standardised or may be configured on an application-specifc basis for UV/VIS/NIR applications. The use of certifed optical fibers in combination with optimised measuring cells allows the achievement of reliable measurement results. The range of measuring cells runs from simple cuvette-holders to couplings for microscopes made by many different manufacturers. In addition to the measurement of transmission or reflections, the measurement of fluorescence or emission signals is also possible:

TIDAS S Benchtop NIR Spectrometers

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The TIDAS E series of instruments has been developed especially for education and research. The TIDAS E range allows diode-array spectrometers and flexible optical fiber technology to be used straightforwardly and at a reasonable price. These systems are suitable for routine measurements in the laboratory. Trigger and control cables allow the coupling and control of external devices such as specimen or flter changers and light sources. TIDAS E systems are available as preconfigured versions:

TIDAS E Compact UV/VIS Spectrometers

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TIDAS P series systems are specifcally designed for tough environmental conditions in the process. They are easy to use and provide accurate results, quickly and reliably. Detectors, optical fibers and light sources are contained in housings that are fit for process and which meet the most varied of requirements up to and including ATEX certifcation. The combination with process-focused and automatable measurement probes and multiplexers gives rise to robust systems for on-line, in-line and at-line measurements. 

TIDAS P UV/VIS Process Analyzers