Dual liquid filling & dosing instrument.


Dual Liquid Filling & Dosing Instrument

The LF-150 Dual Liquid Filling & Dosing Instrument is a filling and dosing machine. It is provided with dual positive displacement piston pump cylinders. Each piston pump is provided accordingly with 3-Way Valve arrangement. The practical design of the LF-150 Dual Liquid Filling & Dosing Instrument allows a dynamic and accurate tuning of the dosing volume and a drip-free filling. While the smart and dynamic layout allows a swift removal of the dosing cylinders for cleaning, sterilization or even interchanging by e.g. larger dosing cylinders.

LF-150 attached directly to UAM

LF-150 attached directly to UAM

Operation Capacity

Thank the unique vertical construction, the LF-150 Dual Liquid Filling & Dosing Instrument has a very space-saving design. The LF-150 Dual Liquid Filling & Dosing Instrument can be efficiently employed for dosing and filling over a wide range of low viscosity flowable liquids within a standard capacity range of 25-150 ml/stroke. The desired dosing volume can be adjusted symmetrically and very easily via the adjustment nuts for each pump.

Easy Upgrade

If dosing volume greater than 150 ml. per stroke is required, it is always possible to upgrade for larger piston pumps. On the other hand, the smart design of the LF-150 Dual Liquid Filling & Dosing Instrument makes it possible to double the total dosing capacity to by connecting both outlets together, even without extra costs.

This can be easily fulfilled by deploying both pumps on one common filling orifice. For a practical and optimal operation a foot pedals for starting/stopping can be optionally ordered.

All contact parts are made of GMP compliant materials and can be sterilized in accordance with GMP.


  • Precise and versatile
  • Dynamic
  • GMP compliant


  • Can dose and fill a variety of liquids with good precision
  • Good solution for R&D and small batch production
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Corrosion resistant, medical & food grade contact parts

Application Specifications

Parameter Specification
Operation principle Positive displacement, volumetric dosing
Process range Dosing and filling of liquid products
Feed characteristics   Free flowing fluids at room temperature
Range of applications Pharmaceutical, herbal & alternative medicine, chemicals & fine chemicals, food, agriculture, cosmetics and detergents

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Pumping Technology Reciprocating piston pump
Operation Viscosity Range Free-flowing liquids at room temperature
Standard Output Characteristics Built in adjustment 25-150 ml pro stroke
Extending Filling Capacity Deploy both pumps on one common orifice
Nominal Operation Speed Up to 1200 Strokes/h

Depends on feed properties, instrument and process parameters

Instrument dimensions Approx. 550 x 400 x 365 mm (width x depth x height)
Packaging dimensions Approx. 840 x 800 x 480 mm (width x depth x height)
Net / Gross Weight Approx. 27 / 30 kg

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

Included in the Standard Scope of Supply

The LF-150 (part. no. 40-01180) comes with the following standard scope of supply:

  • Complete mechanism
  • A set of two cylinders each with 3-way valve
  • Two dosing nozzles with holders
  • Front guard plate
  • T-Fitting for doubling the dosing volume


  • Foot pedals (part. no. 40-01010)
  • Additional dosing cylinders of different dosing volumes

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