Coating pan designed for coating operations of different types of tablets, pellets and granules.


Coating Pan

The CP-9 Coating Pan is designed to carry out coating operations of different types of tablets, pellets and granules. The CP-9 Coating Pan consists of a bowl provided with baffles for a higher efficiency. By mounting it on the UAM Universal Motor Drive via the UGD Universal Gear Drive, the operator can control the speed and angle of operation for an optimal coating.

CP-9 attached by UGD to UAM

CP-9 attached by UGD to UAM

Drying by IR-Lamp

IR-Lamp or heater/blower can be mounted on the lever of the UGD Universal Gear Drive to enhance the drying of the coated tablets (the illustrated IR lamp is not included in the supply scope and can therefore be ordered as an option). Discharging can be easily performed by adjusting the angle of the coating pan by means of the UGD Universal Gear Drive. All contact parts are made of GMP Compliant materials and can be sterilized in accordance with GMP.


  • User Friendly
  • Practical
  • GMP compliant


  • Simple Structure, easy to install for coating, discharge, service & cleaning
  • Good solution for R&D and small batch production
  • Corrosion resistant, medical & food grade contact parts

Application Specifications

Parameter Specification
Operation principle Rotary spray coating
Process range »         Coating of tablets, granules or pellets.

»         Compatible with connection to a spray gun and to a drying device

Feed characteristics   Tablets, pellets and granules
Range of applications Pharmaceutical, herbal & alternative medicine, chemicals & fine chemicals, food, agriculture, cement & ceramics, cosmetics and detergents, paints & pigments

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Total capacity 9.5 l
Operation capacity Up to 3 l

Depends on feed properties, instrument and process parameters

Operation Angle ±45° via UGD Adjustment
Rotation speed 5-45 rpm
Instrument dimensions Approx. 300 x 300 x 230 mm (width x depth x height)
Packaging dimensions Approx. 480 x 680 x 800 mm (width x depth x height)
Net / Gross Weight Approx. 6 / 9 kg (without IR lamp)

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

Included in the Standard Scope of Supply

The CP-9 (part. no. 40-01210) comes with the following standard scope of supply:

  • Plexiglas Cover (part. no. 426-4403034)



  • IR Lamp with Metal Support 150W (part.no. 440-0001)

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