Drum hoop blender for mixing solid materials.


Drum Hoop Blender

The RM-6 Drum Hoop Blender is ideal for mixing solid materials such as powders and granules prior to encapsulation or tableting. It can also be used for mixing of wetted powders. It is suitable for R&D and for industrial use as well as for small batch production for various applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

RM-6 attached directly to UAM
RM-6 as L316 stainless steel drum edition

RM-6 attached directly to UAM

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Construction Structure

The diagonal placement of the plexiglas drum within the hoop introduces a uniform 3D displacement of the processed materials when the hoop rolls on the rotating tracks and causes hence a “3D-Tumbling” pattern of mixing. The rolling track is joined directly to the UAM Universal Motor Drive. The speed is stepless adjustable due to the advanced electronic speed control system of the UAM Universal Motor Drive.

Filling the Drum

The plexiglas drum can be filled with approximately 40% of its total height with solid materials. The particle size and properties of the material play a key role in estimating the filling level. In the case of liquids, the filling level can reach up to 80% of the drum height. After filling, the drum has to be closed and sealed using two clamp latches.


  • 3D Blending of free flowing materials
  • Versatile
  • Transparent Plexiglas (PMMA, acrylic glass)


  • High efficiency in a short time for sensitive materials
  • Applicable for dry and wetted powders
  • Visibility of the process, used for R&D and small batch production

Application Specifications

Parameter Specification
Operation principle 3D Blending; axial, radial and cascade
Process range »      Blending of dry powders (solid/solid)

»      Blending of wetted powders (solid/liquid)

Feed characteristics   »      Powders and granules

»      Sensitive powders

Range of applications Pharmaceutical, herbal & alternative medicine, chemicals & fine chemicals, food, agriculture

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Total volume 5 l.
Operation capacity Up to 4 l

Depends on feed properties, instrument and process parameters

Rotation speed 5-45 rpm
Instrument dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 490 x 350 x 650 mm
Packaging dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 480 x 680 x 800 mm
Net / Gross weight Approx. 22 / 25 kg

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

Included in the Standard Scope of Supply

The RM-6 (part. no. 40-01130) comes with the following standard scope of supply:

  • Acrylic glass drum with cover (part. no. 426-1170)
  • Adjustable metal support with complete mechanism (part. no. 426-4402324)



  • L316 stainless steel drum (part. no. 426-1171), GMP compliant
  • Complete RM-6 with L316 stainless steel drum (part. no. 40-01135)

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