RIVA MiniPress

Single Punch Tablet Press

The RIVA MiniPress is a single punch, off-center, tablet press. It is ideal for the production of small batches as well as for Pharmaceutical Research & Development. It is designed under strict GMP regulations.

Riva MiniPress

Riva MiniPress

Easy Access

The smart design of the RIVA MiniPress makes it easy to mount/dismount the Punch-Die set, operate the machine and clean it quickly and easily. On the other hand, the compression compartment is easily accessible and is closed by means of a detachable transparent acrylic panels equipped with safety sensors. Furthermore, the removable parts are equipped with quick release clamps mechanism for a quick disassembly for service and cleaning.

Operating Principle

The gravity fill shoe performs an oscillating movement induced by the central crankshaft. It is connected to the hopper by a flexible tube. The pressure system is designed to stand up to 60 KN. The pressure is automatically adjusted according to the filling level of the die.

This can be regulated by adjusting the upper punch penetration by means of the crankshaft. The filling volume of the die can be adjusted by regulating the weight cam at the lower central shaft of the punch holder. All contact parts are made of GMP Compliant materials and can be sterilized in accordance with GMP.


  • Compact
  • Smart design
  • GMP compliant


  • Small footprint
  • Good solution for R&D and small batch production
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Corrosion resistant, medical & food grade contact parts

Application Specifications

Parameter Specification
Operation principle Single Punch, Off-Center
Process range »         Tableting of flowable granules/powders

»         R&D, galenic development and low volume batch production

Feed characteristics   Freely flowable granules and powders
Range of applications Pharmaceutical, herbal & alternative medicine, agriculture, chemicals, detergents

Tooling Specifications

Parameter Specification
Tooling “D” Special Riva Design
Die Dimensions Ø =          38.10 mm; L =    23.81 mm
Upper Punch ØMax =     30.00 mm; L =    50.00 mm
Lower Punch ØMax =     30.00 mm; L =    67.50 mm
Max. Tablet Diameter Round 24 mm; Shaped 10 x 25 mm
Die Max. Load Depth 18 mm
Upper Punch Penetration 3 – 14 mm

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Number of Stations One
Safety Mechanism Panel sensors outside compression compartment
Adjustment of Pressure and Tablet Height Automatic adjustment of pressure according to the filling level of the die
Adjustment of Tablet Weight  By regulating the weight cam via a hand wheel
Speed Control Frequency inverter
De-Duster, Vacuum Supply  Nozzle Allows up to 45 m3/h
Powder feeding Intermittent oscillatory gravity feeder, hopper volume approx. 1,2 liters
Max. compression force 60 KN (6 ton)
Max. production rate 6000 Tablet/h

Depends on Feed Properties, Instrument and Process Parameters

Power supply One single phase, 230 V
Electric motor 1.5 kW (2 HP)
Instrument dimensions Approx. 830 x 720 x 400 mm (width x depth x height)
Packaging dimensions Approx. 800 x 450 x 750 mm (width x depth x height)
Net/ Gross weight (without sieve stacks) Approx. 280 / 435 kg

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

Included in the Standard Scope of Supply

The RIVA MiniPress (part. no. 40-02000) comes with the following standard scope of supply:

  • Electronic control panel
  • Upper and lower punch holder
  • Intermittent oscillatory gravity feeder
  • Safety sensor system in the compression compartment
  • Integrated dust nozzle


  • Instrumentation for pressure force indication
  • Documentation: IQ, OQ and user manual
  • Die-punch set of different sizes and shapes
  • Massive mobile stainless steel table
  • Tool kit box for installation, maintenance and service
  • Spare part kit

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