TIDAS® P Pro Clean

Spectrometer system to monitor a Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) process.

Cleaning Monitoring and Validation with TIDAS P Pro Clean

The J&M TIDAS® P Pro Clean system is ideal to monitor a Cleaning-In-Place-process. This all-in-one solution consists of a spectrometer, a measurement cell, a conductivity and TOC sensor, as well as the suitable evaluation software. The measurement systems of J&M are available as autonomous and mobile units and can also be firmly integrated in process lines. Via various interfaces, the cleaning process can be directly transmitted to a process control unit. This makes an accurate and inexpensive monitoring in real time possible. Flushing times can be optimized. Costly and time consuming laboratory measurements are not necessary anymore.

Total savings of up to 50 – 75 % are possible. Control of the system, complete with data collection and evaluation is done with our easy-to-use TIDASDAQ software (21 CFR Part 11 compliant).

Example of a flow cell
Example of an immersion probe

Example of a flow cell

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The measurement cells can be either immersion probes or flow cells. The measurements can take place either directly in the pipe or in a bypass. This will be implemented according to your wishes and requirements.


The Pro Clean integrates seamlessly into an existing plant. Connecting the system to your process control system is easy and saves your time and money this way.


  • In-line measurement system, bypass possible
  • Monitoring of Cleaning-In-Place processes
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Continuous real-time measurement
  • Short measurement times
  • Hygienic, without sampling
  • Automated Reporting function


  • Real-time measurements help to reduce cost of cleaning and shorten cleaning times
  • Excellent correlation with the reference laboratory analysis
  • UV, TOC and conductivity measurements in one step
  • No lab measurements for confirmation needed
  • Complete integration in your process


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