LED-based moisture sensor for laboratory applications.


Moisture Sensor Instrument for Laboratory Use

The MS-80L is a unique device to measure moisture content easily within the lab. Measurements of powders and pastes are possible as well. The MS-80L system replaces the conventional filter wheel technology by “same spot measurements”. In these systems the measuring and reference wavelengths hit the same material spot and thus improve the quality of the results.

In addition, a separate detector is provided for each wavelength. The detector and its electromagnetic circuit are adapted to the wavelength to be measured. The light source is modulated to be independent of external light. High-quality lock-in amplifiers process the signals of the detectors accurate to frequency and phase. The LED lighting technology guarantees extremely long lifetime of the measurement system without needing any replacement of the light source. In combination with an optical fiber probe, it’s also possible to perform real time in-line measurement.

The instrument comes in a sturdy stainless steel housing and is controlled by a large color touch screen. It features a USB interface. The included software offers both calibration and method selection. The menu is available in English, French and German language. Results can be displayed in various graphs.


  • Fast and easy moisture measurements in the lab
  • Measurements on solids, granules, flakes and powders in standard laboratory glassware
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Data transfer by USB interface for calibration with the PC


  • LED technology for extremely long life time
  • No moving optical parts, rugged system
  • Hygienic design
  • Database for different compositions
  • High flexibility
  • No consumables needed, low costs
  • No sample preparation, saves time
  • Less service
  • Excellent price performance ratio

Technical Data

Measuring principleNear Infrared (NIR) reflection
Measuring range0 – 80% moisture
Measuring accuracyUp to ±0,1%, depending on material
Measuring time2s
Dimensions & Weight Body380x360x280mm & 9kg
Light sourceNIR-LED
DetectorPhoto diode
Environmental temperature5°C to 45°C without cooling
Power supply85–264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Data interfaceUSB

We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

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