Analyze textile fibres, paints, bank notes and documents for forensic purposes.

Forensic Applications

Analysis of Textile Fibres, Paints, Bank Notes and Documents Using J&M Spectrometers with Optical Microscopes

J&M diode-array spectrometers can be combined with optical microscopes for forensic applications in crime detection and crime fighting all over the world.

They are used for the analysis of microscopic samples like:

Textile Fibres

Spectral analysis of fibres in the  UV/VIS/NIR range in forensic institutes. For reflected light, transmitted light, fluorescence or polarisation.


Analysis of paints in the  UV/VIS/ NIR range. For reflected  light-, fluorescence or polarisation measurements.

Bank Notes

Analysis of bank notes in the UV/VIS/NIR range. For reflec ted light, fluorescence or polarisation measurements.


Analysis of documents in the  UV/VIS/NIR range. For reflected light, fluorescence or polarisation measurements.

Measurements are made in transmitted or reflected light, in bright field or dark field illumination, in fluorescence and in polarisation.

Microscope spectrometers for forensic applications are exlusively distributed by our partner company JM Microsystems GmbH.

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