J&M is pioneer in fiber optics spectroscopy and well known for its superior HPLC UV/VIS spectrometers.

Chromatography Applications

As the pioneer in fiber optics spectroscopy, J&M Analytik AG is well known for its superior HPLC UV/VIS spectrometers.

The J&M TIDAS spectrometer series are the fastest and most sensitive in their class and field, using high quality optics, powerful electronics, customized flow-cells with fiber optics and extensive software tools.

The advantage lies not only in the technical aspects like detection, optimized light sources, or the know-how in fiber optic design, but also the in understanding of the need for cost-effectiveness and quality. Together this helps us to create value for our customers. Driven by this philosophy, we create solutions for both end-users and as well as for OEM customers. During the last 25 years, a vast number of applications benefit from the superior performance of the J&M TIDAS spectrometers.

We offer solutions in:

  • Classic HPLC
  • Micro HPLC
  • Preparative HPLC
  • High Temperature High Speed HPLC
  • Thin Layer Chromatography
  • Capillary Electrophoreses
  • and IsoTachoPhoreses

High Temperature High Speed HPLC

Liquid chromatography (HPLC) at higher temperatures has had limited use in the pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories because of instrument and column limitations. With the creation of temperature stable column stationary phases and high temperature column hardware, HPLC has become a more of a routine laboratory technique. Today, instrumentation is available that allows operation at up to 200ºC with mobile phase preheating, and also placing the flow-cell directly after the column into the oven. This way eliminating the negative effects of thermal mismatch – High Temperature High Speed HPLC is set to break new ground in liquid chromatography technology. High Temperature High Speed HPLC results in improved peak shape and faster runs, which on the other hand challenges UV detection technologies.

The J&M TIDAS S fulfills all requirements to receive the benefits of High Temperature High Speed HPLC. Using special UV optimized fiber technology, J&M instruments place the flow-cell directly inside the oven, to avoid thermal –mismatch on the way from the stationary phase to the flow-cell, which with conventional detectors, is placed inside the UV detector outside the oven. Our optical design guarantees high resolution spectra data acquisition in the speed of milliseconds per spectrum – to get all benefits from the faster runs. Special UV optimized light fibers give highest sensitivity, also in the UV range below 240nm.