Tablet and Ampoule Hardness Testing

This the area for manual  and semi-automated tablet hardness testing instruments. Click on the images for more information about performance, accessoires, calibration tools and consumables.

Tablet hardness testing is used to test the breaking point and structural integrity of a tablet under conditions of storage, transportation, and handling before usage. All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instruments meet the latest requirements of the USP monograph <1217> and EP <2.9.8>.

A note on calibration: The current USP Pharmacopeia requires the force sensor of a tablet hardness testing instrument to be calibrated periodically over the complete measuring range (or the range used for measuring samples) with a precision of 1N. All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instrument can be statically calibrated over the complete measuring range by the use of different tracebale counterweights. All instruments support the checking of at least three different points during calibration to prove the linearity of the force sensor. Furthermore, Pharma Test offers the PT-MT magnetic tablets to calibrate the breakpoint detection of the whole tablet hardness testing instrument (force sensor and mechanics of the instrument). All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instruments are fully compliant to the requirements of the current USP Pharmacopeia.


  • All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instruments are fully USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> compliant
  • Hardness only and „3 in 1“ instruments are available
  • Ampoule breakpoint testing solutions available
  • PT-MT3 provides and independant means of qualification

PTB 420, Automated Hardness Test Instrument with Balance Connection

The automated tablet testing instrument PTB 420 is a dual test mode instrument to determine the diameter, thickness and hardness of tablets. Prior to testing the hardness of the tablet the PTB 420 can measure sample thickness (or height) and diameter (or length). The thickness is detected automatically by an optical system.

PTB-M, Portable Hardness Test Instrument

PTB-M is a manual, portable hardness testing instrument for tablets. PTB-M is very easy to use. Simply place the sample on the testing platform and rotate the knob manually.

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PTB 111E, Standard Hardness Test Instrument

The PTB 111E is a standard hardness testing instrument to be used in tabletting departments and everywhere where only hardness test data is required. The PTB 111E is equipped with a printer and communication port.
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PTB 311E, 3 in 1 Hardness, Diameter and Thickness Tester

The PTB 311E „3-in-1“ is doubtless one of the most popular instruments for measuring thickness, diameter and hardness. A variety of tablet thickness jaws are available for tablet different sample diameters or shapes.
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PTB 302, Tablet Hardness Tester

The PTB 302 is the latest version of the very first electronical tablet hardness testing instrument world-wide. Its main features are: built-in printer, RS-232 interface, operation mode for linear force increase, simple way of operating and no change of jaws required.
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PTBA 211E, Ampoule Breakpoint Tester

The PTBA 211E is used worldwide to test the breakpoint of glass ampoules. Full calibration and validation programs are built-in.
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PT-MT3, Magnetic Tablet for Hardness Test Qualification

The PT-MT3 instrument, the new „magentic tablet“ with built-in calibrated load cell, is used to qualify and calibrate the maximum hardness result detection and speed/force increase rate of most tablet hardness testing instruments.
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