Multi-Station Automated Testing Systems

This is the area for automated tablet hardness testing instruments. Please click on the images for more information about performance, accessories, calibration tools and consumables.

The fully automated WHT 3ME is designed to automatically measure 4 parameters for either round or odd shaped tablet forms. These parameters are:

  • Weight,
  • Height,
  • Diameter (or Length) and
  • Hardness.

The WHT 3ME has a special system in the length / hardness section (sample orientation flaps) which can move an oblong tablet (for example) into the correct orientation for length and then hardness testing regardless of the angle at which it arrives at the measuring point. Using the WHT SM or WHT SM1 multiple batches of tablets can be tested fully automatically.
All WHT 3ME systems are supplied with the WHT32 software package which allows full documentation of the results, with special banding showing acceptable and non-acceptable product tolerances. The software is available as fully CFR 21 Part 11 compliant version.

A note on calibration: The current USP Pharmacopeia requires the force sensor of a tablet hardness testing instrument to be calibrated periodically over the complete measuring range (or the range used for measuring samples) with a precision of 1N. All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instrument can be statically calibrated over the complete measuring range by the use of different tracebale counterweights. All instruments support the checking of at least three different points during calibration to prove the linearity of the force sensor. Furthermore, Pharma Test offers the PT-MT magnetic tablets to calibrate the breakpoint detection of the whole tablet hardness testing instrument (force sensor and mechanics of the instrument). All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instruments are fully compliant to the requirements of the current USP Pharmacopeia.

The PT-MT3 instrument, magentic tablet, is used to qualify and calibrate the breakpoint detection of hardness testing instruments.


  • All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instruments are fully USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> compliant

WHT 3ME, Fully Automated Tablet Testing

The WHT ME series of instruments is designed to automatically measure four parameters for either round or odd shaped tablet forms.
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PT-MT3, Magnetic Tablet for Hardness Test Qualification

The PT-MT3 Magnetic Tablet, is the sucsessor of the PT-MT2 used to qualify and calibrate correct hardness detection and …
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