UV/VIS Split-Beam Spectrophotometer

The Pharma Test T70 split-beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer offer excellent performance, high quality and are competitively priced. The T70 is well able to meet the stringent requirements required by analytical chemists. It features a wavelength range of 190 to 1100nm and is delivered with a built-in 8-cell changer as standard. It can therefore be used for both manual operation as well as for fully automated dissolution testing applications.

UV-Visible spectroscopy is a universally accepted, well documented technology with many applications. The technique is extensively used for the analysis of foods, drugs, agricultural products and is widely used in the medical care, public health, environmental protection, life sciences industries and many other organic and biochemical applications.

The T70 series of UV-visible spectrophotometers offers excellent performance, high quality and is competitively priced. The T70 range of UV-visible spectrophotometers is well able to meet the stringent requirements required by analytical chemists. The T70 UV-visible series is innovative in terms of instrument application, mechanical and optical design, electronic control and software, whilst retaining features that are well established and accepted throughout the industry.

The T70 series of UV-visible spectrophotometers is able to carry out the following types of analyses: photometric measurement, spectral scans, kinetic measurements, quantitative determination and DNA/Protein analysis. When interfaced to a PC the user friendly control software offers many other applications such as access to a data base, three-dimensional spectral analysis, GLP Laboratory protocol, fast analysis of pesticide residues and many other established applications that are required for environmental analysis.

The optional The UVWin software offers a user friendly dialogue with commonly desired functions: photometric, kinetic, and quantitative measurements as well as 3D presentation by combining multiple spectra. UVWin allows peak picking and graphic print-outs. It also includes DNA/Protein analysis: Measurement of absorbance ratios at 260nm and 230nm, at 260nm and 280nm, and at custom defined wavelengths. Background correction can be applied using absorbance values at 320nm (optional).


  • Split beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • Integrated 8-cell changer
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