Suppository Testing

The range of instruments to test the quality of Suppositories, Pessaries, Creames etc. includes Disintegration, Penetration, and Dissolution Instruments and Apparatus.

The PTS3E instrument is designed for the manual control of suppository disintegration time. It conforms to the current requirements as laid down in the German DAB and European EP <2.9.2> Pharmacopoeia.

The SPT6 Suppository Softening Time (Penetration) Test Apparatus can be used in any Pharma Test Tablet Disintegration Test Instrument. The instrument meets in all details the monograph of the EP <2.9.22> Apparatus A.

The Suppository Dialysis Cell PTSW0 is used inside a Dissolution Vessel of a Dissolution Test Instrument. It is suitable to test the concentration of active of a suppository or other lypophilic carriers.

This is the area for Suppository Testing products. Please click on the images for more information about performance, accessories, calibration tools and consumables.


  • Test quality of suppositories, pessaries and creams
  • Test for disintegration time, softening time and dissolution

PTS3E, Suppository Disintegration Tester

The PTS3E is designed for the manual control of suppository and pessary disintegration time.
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SPT6, Suppository Softening (Penetration) Time Test

The SPT6 Suppository Penetration Tester is used to determine the softening time of 6 samples at the same time.
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PTSW0, Suppository Dissolution Test Apparatus

The PTSWO Suppository Dissolution Test Cell (Rotating Dialysis Cell) is placed into a normal 1 ltr. USP type dissolution vessel.
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