Dual Drive Dissolution Tester

The PTWS D610, also know as the „dual stirrer drive apparatus“ is a „two-in-one“ version of the PTWS 1210 in that both the front and rear rows of  stirring tools can operate on an independent basis. This means that for example, the rear row may be operating at one speed using baskets (say 100 rpm) and the front row can operate at another speed using paddles (say 50 rpm). This offers the ultimate in high throughput and application flexibility. In this version, there is one LC displays and one panel for tool rotation speed and so on, the user menu request the entry for the stirring speed of drive 1 and 2, program bath temperature for all samples, use optional Tablet Drop Magazine for all samples as well as optional EPE Auto Sampling System. Imagine the bench saving design of this system compared with two individual baths as well as the security to have all samples inside the same environment.

The U-shaped water bath is placed onto Vibroban shock absorbers and the built-in heating system is assembled inside the easy access drawer. The system has 2 RS232 interface for remote control and data transfer. A built-in thermo printer records information of actual stirrer speed and the common bath temperature. Also a pH probe and temperature sensor connection is attached for inline reading inside the vessels. This instrument can also be programmed to start up automatically before the start of the day so that bath temperature and vessel medium temperature can be ready for use first thing. Similarly the instrument can be programmed to shut off the heater at night. Direct connection to a PTFC2 or DSR Fraction Collector is also possible for automatic timed sample removal.

Each of the mono shaft stirrers can be withdrawn or started in a vessel at any time. This offers the possibility of a staggered start for manual and synchronous stirrer start for automated operation.
Optional equipment may be added for automation like the EPE auto sampling probe system, the ITM media temperature monitoring device and a manual tablet drop magazine.

Other instruments in this series are the PTW S310 (4+4), PTWS 610 (6+2), PTW S1210 (12 + 2) and the 5 ltr. vessel instrument PTWS 4000.


  • Fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant
  • 12 stirred positons
  • Independent speed control for front and back row
  • Electronic lift drive
  • Manual or automated tablet magazine for synchronous tablet drop available
  • Staggered start capability
  • Options – Manual or automated tablet magazine, EPE automated sampling system, ITM idividual temperature monitoring system
  • Interfaces – RS232 and I/O port for remote control in automated applications
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