PTWS 1210
12 position Dissolution Tester

The PTWS 1210 is essentially a 12 position version of the PTWS 610 with 12 working positions plus two addition vessels for blank (medium) and standard storage. The user may edit a testing procedure and file it within the Method filing system. User and acess rights administration are standard. All 12 stations are controlled by the same electronics so the rotation speed of all tools for example is identical.

This instrument has a full self check régime which constantly monitors all operational parameters such as bath position, water level and paddle position. The automatic centring system of the vessels inside the water bath ensures the correct positioning of the vessels with respect to the stirrer axis. The system may be upgraded at any time to include an EPE Auto Sampling System which may be time programmed from the PTWS 1210 to drop down, take samples and raise itself once the samples are taken, an ITM Individual Temperature monitoring inside of the 12 dissolution vessels and a combined Tablet Drop Magazin and vessel cover. The Pharma Test TWS (trafic light warning system) monitors bath temperature, stirrer positions, bath position, pump flow rate, speed acuracy.

This instruments contains an RS232 port, pH probe connection port, printer port, traffic light warning system, built-in OQ and PQ protocols (with warning display when OQ is due), pH input, LCD screen and many other features that you would expect from a state-of-the-art test instrument.

Other instruments in this series are the PTWS 310 with 1 or 2 litre, the PTWS 610 with 6 vessels in one line + 2 extra ones, the PTWSD610 dual-drive 6 plus 6 vessels, and the PTWS 4000 with 6 off 5ltr. vessels.


  • Fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant
  • 12 stirred positons
  • Electronic lift drive
  • Manual or automated tablet magazine for synchronous tablet drop available
  • Staggered start capability
  • Options – Manual or automated tablet magazine, EPE automated sampling system, ITM idividual temperature monitoring system
  • Interfaces – RS232 and I/O port for remote control in automated applications
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