The PT-IM100 Represents an Innovative, Reliable and Flexible Analyzer for the Identification of Incoming Raw Materials According to EP

The PT-IM100 represents an innovative, reliable and flexible analyzer for the identification of incoming raw materials according to EP <2.2.40>, The Qualification of Solid dosage Forms and Creams.

As the method uses a simple Photometric procedure, this results in low cost per analysis methodology for product identification and fingerprinting. There is added security in the fact that identified materials can be authenticated against a reference material list as well as a known reference sample.

For the materials under investigation, you can install a reference library of relevant substances. This guarantees the accurate analysis of incoming raw bulk materials, herbal extracts, raw API materials, orthomolecular substances as well as cream and ointment excipients.

Get Your Results in 5 Easy Steps

The technical operation of the PT-IM100 is based on an innovative development of NIR spectroscopy. At the heart of the system is a patented scanning grating technology developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden. Using this all-purpose MEMS-based procedure, the test material is irradiated with light, throughout the depth the sample. This saves any special sample preparation and offers the advantage that the whole sample volume is analyzed, not just the surface. The resulting transmitted energy profile produces a material-specific fingerprint that can be analyzed spectroscopically which is compared to reference spectra from an installed data bank to give a positive identification result.


  • Measurement

Place a sample of the material in a sample vessel and place it in the measurement cavity and just press the measurement button (the sample is not degraded in any way).

  • Sample Types

Choose from a variety of sample types.

  • Result Display

After a few moments, the results will be displayed on the monitor.

  • Measurement Data

Data is displayed in the results print out.

  • Data Recording

Either print-out or save the analytical data in PDF-format for secure data retention.


  • Fully EP <2.2.40> compliant
  • Based on NIR technology with patented scanning grating technology
  • MEMS technology developed by the Fraunhofer Institute
  • Measurement time less than 15 seconds
  • Spectral range of 1,000 – 1,900nm
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