Tapping Density, Apparent Volume Testing and Bulk Density

This is the area for manual powder testing instruments to determine the tapping density or to perform apparent volume testing and to determine the bulk density of powders including metal powders, compounds, pigments.

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  • Fully compliant to relevant monographs
  • Applicable to powders including metal powders, compounds, pigments
  • Easy to setup and use

PT-TD200 Tapping Density and Apparent Volume Testing Instrument

The PT-TD200 is a single station tapping density testing instrument. It allows to test in compliance with the monographs of the USP <616, Method 1-2> and the EP <2.9.34-3, Method 1-2> and DIN 53194.  The instrument is used to determine additional physical product characteristics with others like particle size, size distribution, cone angle, flowability, shape etc. Together with information describing the behavioural characteristics such as flow properties, density etc. the results are used to improve the design quality during development as well as the conformity of product in quality assurance and in-process control.

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PT-SV100 Scott Volumeter to Determine Bulk Density

The PT-SV100 Scott Volumeter determines bulk density of powders according to the following standard Monographs: ISO 3923-2 (metallic powders): determination of apparent density, EP <> USP <616, Method II> bulk density and tapped density of powders and method II, ASTM 32990 standard test method for apparent density of metal powders and compounds.

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