Automated Powder Testing

This is the area for Automated Powder Testing products. The Pharma Test product portfolio for this area includes the automated PTG-S4 powder testing system used to measure the flow behaviour of granules and powders and the new PT-IM100 NIR imaging system.

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  • Fully USP <1174>, EP <2.9.36> and ISO 4324 (12/83) compliant
  • Measure flow-time, cone angle and flowability
  • Identify incoming raw materials according to EP <2.2.40>

PTG-S4, Powder Characterisation Instrument

The automated PTG-S4 powder testing system is used to measure the flow behaviour of granules and powders.

The PTG-S4 Powder Testing System is used to measure the flow behaviour of Granules and Powders in compliance with the EP <2.9.17/36> and USP <1174> pharmacopoeia and the international ISO 4324 standard. This instrument is suitable for testing powder Flow Time, the measurement of the Cone Angle (angle of repose) of the collected powder mound, measuring the Weight, calculating the Density and the Volume of the powder cone as well as the EP/USP „Flowability“ results which is to measure the flow time of 100 g of sample through a specified pouring nozzle.

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PTG-NIR Powder Analysis System

The PTG-NIR automatic powder and granule analysis system combines the Pharma Test PTG-S4 powder flow testing instrument with an integrated J&M TIDAS L NIR diode array spectrometer. The system is controlled by the powerful TIDASDAQ3 software including a customized script for the PTG-NIR. The system is ideal to examine the flow characteristics of a powder or granule. This combination is ideal for simultaneous detection of chemical, physical and morphological information. This information is describing the flow behaviors of a powder or granule. Other forms of solids are possible to be tested too. All the results are presented in a single report generated by the included TIDASDAQ3 Software.

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PT-IM100, NIR Imaging System

The PT-IM100 represents an innovative, reliable and flexible analyzer for the identification of incoming raw materials according to EP.

As the method uses a simple Photometric procedure, this results in low cost per analysis methodology for product identification and fingerprinting. There is added security in the fact that identified materials can be authenticated against a reference material list as well as a known reference sample.

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