Pharmag Pilot Plant
Pilot Plant and Small Batch Production System

The Pharmag Pilot Plant System is specifically designed for specialist applications that include new product development, scaling up from test to small batch quantities and the production of speciality materials that are not necessarily manufactured in large quantities. This type of equipment is equally suited to the fine chemical and cosmetics environment as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmag range also finds broad application in pharmacy teaching departments (universities) and in the manufacture of low volume, speciality pharmacist products.

The basis of the system is the UAM universal motor drive which employs an industry standardised flange system to connect various interchangeable attachments for different applications. These attachments include mixers, stirrers, granulators and product enhancing tools such as tablet coaters and more.

As the UAM has an industry standardised tool attachment flange, you can benefit from the power and stability of the UAM motor drive to attach any of your existing tools from other manufacturers.

You can also use The Pharmag range of high quality accessories and tools to attach to your existing motor drives by virtue of the same universal flange system.

The Pharmag Pilot Plant System, with UAM motor drive and accessories, provides a top quality solution to small batch production at a reasonable price.

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