2017/08 Auxiliary Tubes to Test Disintegration of Granules Now Available

Especially in Japan granules and capsules filled with granules are a popular dosage form for pharmaceuticals. The Japanese Pharamcopeia (JP) describes an auxiliary tube to be inserted into the standard tubes in the test baskets of a tablet disintegration tester to use this instrument for the test of granules.

In cooperation with our Japanese distributor Dencom we are happy to annouce that we can now offer these auxiliary tubes for use in any Pharma Test PTZ disinintegration testing instrument.

For more information contact us or your local Pharma Test distributor.
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2017/08 Spanish Language Menus & Print-Outs in PTZ AUTO and PTZ AUTO EZ Disintegration Testing Instruments

We have now added support for Spanish language in our PTZ AUTO semi-automated and PTZ AUTO EZ fully automated tablet disintegration testing instruments. This includes Spanish menus on the display and also the translated reports.

These versions are available now at no additional costs. Contact us or your Pharma Test distributor for more information.
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2017/07 New PT-TD300 Tapped Density Testing Instrument Now Available

PT-TD300 is used to test the tapped (or “tamped”) density and apparent density of powders, granules, pigments and similar products in compliance with the current USP <616> methods 1 and methods 2 as well as with EP <2.9.34>, DIN EN ISO 787-11 and ASTM B527. The instrument automatically calculates the tapped density, Hausner flowability ratio and Carr compressibility index after each test and documents the results via the integrated protocol printer.

The new PT-TD300 replaces the current model PT-TD200.
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2017/07 L-MDS-600 Media Addition System Now Available

The new L-MDS-600 media addition system is now available. It is an upgrade to a Pharma Test PTWS 820D tablet dissolution testing instrument. It is used to automatically add 250ml of medium to the dissolution vessels inside the PTWS 820D within a maximum of 20 seconds at a programmable point in time. The programming is done using the WinDiss ARGUS dissolution software. The system was developed together with and based on the requirements of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.
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2017/06 We Present the J&M TIDAS P Milk Inspector

The J&M TIDAS P Milk Inspector is a new in-line measurement system for effective process monitoring in the dairy industry. Our technology sheds light upon milk, enabling real-time determination of fat, protein and dry weight during production.
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2017/05 PTB 311E, PTB 111E and PTB 111EP Now Available with Hardness Range of 800N

We have now extended the maximum hardness measurement range of our PTB tablet hardness testing instruments. This is especially useful for manufacturers of pain killer products containing amphetamines, as these tablets tend to be very hard - sometimes beyond the standard 500N maximum hardness range of the PTB tablet hardness testers.

We can now offer PTB 311E, PTB 111E and PTB 111EP equipped with an alternative force sensor that enables these instruments to measure tablets up to 800N in hardness. The new models are called PTB 311E-800, PTB 111E-800 and PTB 111EP-800.
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2017/04 Meet the New PTG-NIR Combining the PTG-S4 with a J&M Diode Array NIR Spectrometer

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2017/04 New PT-ODF Basket for Orally Dispersible Films Available

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2016/01 Pharma Test Announces Friendly Acquisition of J&M Analytik AG

Today Pharma Test announced that it has recently acquired J&M Analytik AG, a German manufacturer and developer of fiber-optic diode-array spectrometer systems for laboratory and process applications. This new partnership is a part of Pharma Test’s ongoing organic growth strategy. J&M’s expertise and technologies will help expand Pharma Test’s options for analytical test systems. J&M will also be enabled to better deliver its innovative solutions to customers on a global scale.

J&M has been on the cutting edge of fiber-optic technology for years, with extensive expertise in laboratory and process analytics. With the addition of J&M, we at Pharma Test are uniquely positioned to expand our measurement options and add a deeper understanding of optical systems and analytical technologies to our instrumentation portfolio. J&M will remain as a distinct company and become a member of the Pharma Test Group.

About J&M
J&M Analytik AG is a pioneer in the field of fiber-optic measuring systems in the area of UV/VIS and NIR spectroscopy. Since its foundation in 1987, J&M has offered innovative solutions and analytical systems for both laboratory and process analytics. The TIDAS® series of spectrometers are used with suitable accessories such as tailored measuring cells and fiber- optic probes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Typical applications are the monitoring of cleaning, drying, and mixing processes as well as the determination of concentration of ingredients like fat and protein content in milk. Innovative products are constantly developed by working closely with both customers and partners. New developments in the area of networked, miniaturized fiber-optic probes based on LED technology will further advance the integration of spectroscopic analytics in the mass market.

J&M has three main product lines:

  • Laboratory and educational instruments

  • Process applications for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food agriculture and environmental industry

  • OEM components for optical spectroscopy like detectors, light sources and multiplexers

J&M products and technology can be used for many applications, such as:

  • Blend and Drying Monitoring

  • Cleaning Monitoring and Validation

  • Coating and Particle Size Monitoring

  • Hygiene Monitoring

  • Moisture Measurement

  • Raw Material Identification

  • Reaction Monitoring

To learn more, visit the J&M website at or contact the Pharma Test team.

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2015/10: New PTWS D620 "Dual Drive" Tablet Dissolution Testing Instrument Now Available!

In 2015 Pharma Test has launched its next generation of tablet dissolution testing instruments incorporating a completely re-designed set of control electronics featuring a large color touch screen across all models. PTWS D620 features independent stirrer speed control for the front and back row of stirrers.

PTWS D620 is available now. Visit the PTWS D620 website for more details and to download the PDF brochure.
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2015/10: New PTWS 1220 6 + 6 Position Tablet Dissolution Testing Instrument Now Available!

In 2015 Pharma Test has launched its next generation of tablet dissolution testing instruments incorporating a completely re-designed set of control electronics featuring a large color touch screen across all models. The PTWS 1220 is the ideal choice for Biowaiver studies and dissolution method development.

PTWS 1220 is available now. Visit the PTWS 1220 website for more details and to download the PDF brochure.
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2015/10: New PTWS 620 6 + 2 Position Tablet Dissolution Testing Instrument Now Available!

In 2015 Pharma Test has launched its next generation of tablet dissolution testing instruments incorporating a completely re-designed set of control electronics featuring a large color touch screen across all models. The PTWS 620 instrument offers six vessels in one line in front the user for optimal accessibility for sampling and perfect visibility of the dissolution process.

PTWS 620 is available now. Visit the PTWS 620 website for more details and to download the PDF brochure.
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2015/06: New PTB-M Portable Hardness Testing Instrument Now Available!

PTB-M is a manual, portable hardness testing instrument for tablets. PTB-M is very easy to use. Simply place the sample on the testing platform and rotate the knob manually. The jaw will move and force will be applied to the sample. The force is monitored electronically and displayed at the moment of breakage.

PTB-M is available now. Visit the PTB-M website for more details and to download the PDF brochure.
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2015/06: New Video of DFC-820SP System Now Available

Visit our YouTube channel to view the new video of the DFC-820SP semi-automated tablet dissolution system:

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2015/05: New Video of PTG-S4 Now Available

Visit our YouTube channel and see the brand new video of the PTG-S4 automated powder characterisation instrument and all forthcoming Pharma Test videos.

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2015/04: Visit Our New YouTube Channel and See PTB 420 in Action

Visit our YouTube channel and see the brand new video of the PTB 420 automated tablet hardness testing instrument and all forthcoming Pharma Test videos.

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2015/04: New PT-SP High Precision Syringe Dosing Pump Now Available

The new PT-SP multi-syringe dosing pump is designed specifically for parallel sample withdrawal and dosage of media from a dissolution bath into open vials inside a fraction collector. It is equipped with either 6 or 8 replaceable 10ml high precision glass syringes.

The PT-SP syringe dosing pump is available now and is included as a part of the new DFC-120SP and DFC-820SP offline dissolution system packages. For more details see the PT-SP website and download the PDF brochure there.
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2015/04: New PTWS 120D and PTWS 120S Dissolution Testing Instrument Released

The new PTWS 120D is based on the design of the popular PTWS 100D and features 6 stirred positions in either a 2×3 or a 3×2 configuration. PTWS 120S is the successor of PTWS 100S and continues to feature individual speed control for all 6 stirrers. With PTWS 120D and PTWS 120S Pharma Test continues to introduce its next generation of control electronics to our line of dissolution instrument. As with PTWS 820D, a large, color touch screen allows control of the various mechanical features of the instrument such as the tool stirring speed, lift drive and heater.

PTWS 120D and PTWS 120S are available now. For more details see the PTWS 120D and PTWS 120S websites and download the PDF brochures there.
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2015/02: New PTWS 820D Tablet Dissolution Testing Instrument Released

The new PTWS 820D is based on the design of the popular PTWS 800D and features 8 stirred positions in either a 2×4 or a 4×2 configuration. A large, color touch screen allows control of the various mechanical features of the instrument such as the tool stirring speed, lift drive and heater. The instrument control is menu driven. Visual signals on the display inform the user of the status of critical instrument parameters, e.g. bath target temperature not reached.

The PTWS 820D is available now. For more details see the PTWS 820D website and download the PDF brochure there.
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2014/02: Improved Handling of Foaming Media with PT-DDS4

To improve the handling of foaming media, like SLS with the Pharma Test PT-DDS4 media preparation system, a new alternative inlet is available now. Now, a bent inlet tube can be used as an alternative to the standard diffuser inlet. The bent inlet tube directs the medium against the barrel wall, where it can gently flow down the tank, thus preventing an excessive foam build up.The inlet tubes can be changed freely by the user. The inlets are secured by a knurled head screw. An upgrade kit for existing PT-DDS4 instruments is available as well.

The PT-DDS4 inlet for foaming media is available now. For more details on the PT-DDS4 media preparation system see product website and download the PDF brochure there.
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2013/10: PTB 111EP Tablet Hardness Testing Instrument with Integrated Protocol Printer Available Now

The new digital tablet hardness testing instrument PTB 111EP includes an integrated protocol printer. It is a dual force mode hardness test apparatus as it can be used for either linear force or linear speed increase while tablet hardness is tested. It offers a multiple point validation procedure for the built-in digital load cell. The flexibility and the reproducibility of the results have made this and other models, like the PTB 311E series become one of the most sold tablet hardness testing instruments worldwide. By using an integrated report printer, the bench space requirements to of this instrument are even lower than other instruments from the PTB series, since no additional external printer is required. Furthermore, the report printer requires less paper than a standard A4 printer and by this helps to preserve our precious natural resources.

The PTB 111EP is available now. For more details see the PTB 111EP website and download the PDF brochure there.
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2013/03: Determine Bulk Density of Powder with the new PT-SV100 Scott Volumeter

The new PT-SV100 Scott Volumeter determines bulk density of powders according to the following standard Monographs: ISO 3923-2 (metallic powders): determination of apparent density, EP <> USP <616, Method II> bulk density and tapped density of powders and method II, ASTM 32990 standard test method for apparent density of metal powders and compounds. The PT-SV100 is applicable to powders including metal powders, compounds, pigments, and so on that will flow freely through a suitable nozzle.

The PT-SV100 is available now. For more details see the PT-SV100 website and download the PDF brochure.
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2013/03: Check out the Pharma Test Instruments at the German LABO ONLINE Web Guide 2013

LABO ONLINE is one of the most important web portals for laboratory technology and life sciences. Pharma Test is happy that the latest issue of the LABO ONLINE Web Guide features articles on Pharma Test hardness testing, tablet dissoluton testing and powder flow analyzer instruments. Visit these links below to read the articles on the PTB 111E, the PTWS 100 and the PTG-S4 (all articles below are in German language):

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2012/12: Filter Changer and Valve Station for DSR-M Now Available

Check out the revised page for the DSR-M dissolution sampling robot now featuring the MFC-12 manual filter changer and DSR-MSV valve station to expand this instruments capabilties even further!

In case additional filtration besides the sinter filters on the sampling probes is required, we now offer the MFC-12 manual filter changer. With this filter changer it is possible to conveniently exchange a filter for up to 12 channels in the dissolution system. The MFC-12 is installed into the tubing system of the dissolution system and can quickly be opened using the two open and close handles. When the MFC-12 is opened, the filters are automatically disconnected and can be removed quickly. New filters can then be inserted and are automatically locked into the tubing connectors, when the MFC-12 is closed again.

Since these round filters can pass liquid only in one direction, a bypass is needed to use the MFC-12 in a DSR-M system with CAT-M piston pumps. For this we offer the DSR-MSV valve station in multiple models according the number of channels in the automated dissolution system.

The MFC-12 and DSR-MSV are available now. For more details see the updated DSR-M website below and download the updated PDF brochure.
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2012/08: PTWS 100 Now with Individual Vessel Centering

PTWS 100D and PTWS 100S now feature a unique three-point individual vessel centering system. This system is included in the standard supply of every new PTWS 100 instrument at no extra cost. If you are already using a PTWS 100 instrument and want to retrofit this new system contact us or your responsible distributor. For more details see the updated PTWS 100 website below and download the updated PDF brochure.
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2012/01: PTB 111E Available Now

To test Hardness of any solid sample up to 300 or alternatively 500 N (Newton) the PTB111E is designed. The PTB111E is equipped with a COM port for data transfer and a Pinter port to record the results. The test result is immediately displayed at the LED Display of the unit. It offers load cell adjustment and 3-point calibration menus.
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2012/01: PT-TD200 Touch Available Now

T-TD200 Touch, Tap Density Tester according to USP Method 1 and 2 and EP and DIN-ISO standards, instrument housing made from polished stainless steel, includes 250ml graduated norm glass cylinder, LCD display showing elapsed number of strokes, enter total number of strokes 1-9999, automated detection for which stroke height and speed according to the position in which the cylinder is installed (USP 2 - EP or USP 1), electronically controlled DC motor for 250 or 300 strokes/minute. Integrated testing method and product file, user and access right administration. PQ program to qualify the stroke height.
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The Pharma Test 12 Position Dissolution System, PTWS 1210 with Vibration Absorbers is the Ideal Choice.

In Vivo studies may be replaced by in-vitro dissolution testing. This is referred to as a "Biowaiver" when this substitution is allowed by regulatory authorities.

The cost reductions are enormous, ~$300,000 for a BE study with in-vivo tests compared to ~$2,000 for a Biowaiver study.

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SPT-6 Suppository Softening Time Test Apparatus

SPT-6 Suppository Softening Time Test Apparatus to be used within a common PHARMA TEST Tablet Disintegration Tester.

For automated detection the SPT-6 is placed into a PTZAUTO-EZ instrument. Manually it can be operated in either a PTZS or any PTZAUTO apparatus.

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Noise Reduction for Tap Density Tester PT-TD1

A special noise reduction enclosure is now available for the PT-TD1 Tap Density Test Instrument. It offers up to 10 dBA improvement on instrument noise level.
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About PTB 311 E

Up until now, the PTB 311E was only able to handle tablets (oblongs) up to 5 cm in length. In a recent request from a Vetinary pharmaceutical producer in Belgium, tablets up to 6 cm had to be measured at least for hardness. In this case the strike arm of the hardness tester was modified to a minor extent and there was absolutely no problem to accomodate the 6 cm oblong. This application opens up a new field of economic measurements for larger tablets such as those which are found typically within the Vetinary Pharmaceutical product ranges. In addition of course there is also the option to measure both thickness and length as well as hardness in the same instrument. All three modes come as standard.
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Oblong Break Point Testing (Tension Test)

A recent request from a customer has led to yet another new development. Pharma Test can now offer to all existing customers (as well as any new ones!) an oblong break point accessory which basically a new set of jaws for all PTB 311 and 411E instruments. This simple addition will allow this test to be performed on a wide vaiety of prescored oblongs. On the PTB 311E/411E select the hardness function and give a target value. The instrument will "learn" the position of the tablet on the first run and perform the subsequent measurements in the same way. Its measuring the force applied to the breakline of the oblong.
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WHT ME Tablet testing system handles micro oblongs

At a recent demonstration of the WHT ME Tablet Testing System in Southern Germany, a customer introduced us to the smallest oblong to date.The overall length was approximately 8 mm, with the width and diameter being around 3mm. These are generally found in Antihistamines preparations for example.
As the samples were being fed with a sample changer, the first major job was to set the WHT SM feeder with the correct vibrator feed and and tablet sensor position to make sure that the system, which is generally optimised for larger oblongs, was able to sense single micro oblongs so as not to deliver multiple doses to each measuring position.

This was easily achieved as the WHT SM sample changer (and feed system) is separated from the main measurment instrument. This not only good for adjustments in case of service or modifications, but also is a positive point (according to the customer also) for cleaning and dedusting, which always has to be done. Other systems with built in tablet feeders do not offer the user this opportunity and so maintenance is more difficult.

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Vibration Meter VM 110

The hand held vibration meter is designed to measure the vibration intensity at various points on a dissolution bath including the vessels.
The following measurements can be selected:
- accelaration (g)
- velocity (mm/sec)
- displacement (ym)
The operation frequency can be selected over 2 ranges, upper range: 5, 10, 20 KHz - lower range: acc. 5Hz - vel. 10Hz - disp. 15Hz
The instrument is battery powered, the rersults are displayed on the LC Display. The instrument comes with one hand held sensor and a calibration certificate.
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Accessories and optionals for Dissolution Test Instruments

Used for the Dissolution instrument calibration, qualification and suitability testing. A number of optional equipment and accessories is available like the TESTO digital thermometer. For more information download the attached "pdf" file.
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