Tablet Dissolution Testing Instruments

What is Tablet Dissolution Testing?

A dissolution test is a means of identifying and proving the availability of active drug materials in their delivered form. A dissolution test simulates the availability of active substance and allows the prediction of the time for complete release of the material from the dosage form.

What is a Tablet Dissolution Instrument Like?

A typical tablet dissolution instrument includes at least 6 testing stations, 6 stirrers, a heating device to heat the dissolution media to a constant temperature and a speed control usually adjustable within a range of 20 to 200rpm.

All of the instruments presented here are ready to be upgraded to a semi or fully automated system. They are in full compliance to the valid USP <711/724>, EP <2.9.3/4> and many international Pharmacopoeias.

Select Between the Following Instrument Setups:

  • Vessel arrangement in two rows: 3+3, 4+4, 4+3 or 6+6 (with 2 additional unstirred) vessels
  • Vessel arrangement in one row: 6+2 vessels
  • Dissolution vessel volume: 0.250, 1, 2 and 4 liter clear or amber vessels are available
  • Staggered stirrer start or simultaneous stirrer start
  • Manual flip back head design (low head) or automated lift drive design (high head)

If automation is your main interest, please see the pages „Semi-Automated Dissolution“ and „Fully Automated Dissolution“ as well as „In-Situ Dissolution“ which includes fully automated fibre optic Systems.


  • All Pharma Test instruments are fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant
  • Number of stirred positons from 6 to 12
  • Low head and high head instruments available
  • All dissolution baths are prepared for dissolution automation

PTWS 120D – Compact 6-Position Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PTWS 120D instrument is a bench saving 6-position, lift-up, staggered stirrer start dissolution bath featuring a large, color touch screen.
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PTWS 120S – Compact 6-Position Individual Speed Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PTWS 120s features individual speed setting for each of the 6 stirrer positions and is controlled using a large, color touch screen.
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PTWS 820D – Compact 8-Position Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PTWS 820D features the same compact design and large, color touch screen as the PTWS 120D but offers 8 stirred positions.
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PTWS 620 – 6 + 2 Position Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PTWS 620 instrument offers six vessels in one line in front the user for optimal accessibility for sampling and perfect visibility of the dissolution process.
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PTWS 1220 – 6 + 6 Position Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PTWS 1210 is the 12-position (6 + 6) version of the PTWS 620 and also includes two additional vessels for blank and standard storage.
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PTWS D620 – „Dual Drive“ Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PTWS D620, “two-in-one” version of the PTWS 1220 and features the capability to set two different rotation speed rating for the front and back row of testing positions (6 + 6).
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PTWS 4000 – 6 + 2 Pool Test Application Instrument

The PTWS 4000 contains six  large USP/EP glass vessels with a volume of approx. 4 liters each for pool test applications.
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PT-DT70 – 6 + 1 Position Manual Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PT-DT70 is the low head, manual flip back dissolution tester from Pharma Test. It provides a space saving, low cost entry into tablet dissolution testing.
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PT-DDS4 – Media Preparation System

The PT-DDS4 media preparation and degassing system is a vital part of all dissolution testing systems.
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