J&M TIDAS Products
TIDAS Spectrometer Systems for Lab and Process

Since the foundation in 1987, J&M Analytik AG has offered innovative solutions and analytical systems for both laboratory and process analytics. J&M has gained a reputation in the field of fiber-optic measuring systems in the area of UV/VIS and NIR spectroscopy. The TIDAS® series of spectrometers are used with suitable accessories such as tailored measuring cells and fiber- optic probes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Typical applications are the monitoring of cleaning, drying, and mixing processes as well as the determination of concentration of ingredients like fat and protein content in milk. Innovative products are constantly developed by working closely with both customers and partners. Our new developments in the area of networked, miniaturized fiber-optic probes based on LED technology will further advance the integration of spectroscopic analytics in the mass market.

J&M has Three Main Product Lines

  • Laboratory and educational instruments
  • Process applications for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food agriculture and environmental industry
  • OEM components for optical spectroscopy like detectors, light sources and multiplexers

J&M Products and Technology can be Used for Many Applications, such as

  • Blend and Drying Monitoring
  • Cleaning Monitoring and Validation
  • Coating and Particle Size Monitoring
  • Hygiene Monitoring
  • Moisture Measurement
  • Raw Material Identification
  • Reaction Monitoring

To learn more, visit the J&M website at: www.j-m.de

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