J&M TIDAS P Process Analyzers

Manufuture – Your Approach to Modern Production Monitoring

Say goodbye to manual sampling and time-consuming laboratory analysis. Our optical process analyzers for monitoring of various process parameters are based on absorbance, fluorescence and/or Raman measurements.

J&M TIDAS P analyzers have been carefully designed for industrial use. Boasting high levels of sensitivity and selectivity guarantees constant and reliable results in real-time to help you manage your daily challenges in the production process.

Eliminate unnecessary waiting and reduce downtime – which means more productivity. And if you tend to look critically at overall costs (total cost of ownership) when acquiring systems for process analysis, you’ll be impressed not only by the modest level of investment involved, but also by the almost negligible operating costs.

Our tough analyzers work reliably and precisely, fulfilling the highest standards and enabling automated in-line measurement, even in production environments that are hostile to electronics. TIDAS P, therefore, is a system which can be used in many industries and is ideally suited for automated process monitoring.

Lots of Applications

Optical spectroscopy is well established and a modern tool for real time process monitoring. Today it is used in many different applications. Color Analysis, Fat, Protein and Dry Mass in Dairies, Particle Size, Moisture Content, Cleaning Validation, Blend and Reaction Monitoring are only a few keywords for a fast growing list where the analyzers are installed for process optimization.

Target Value Design

Modern process analytical chemistry and technology applications are reviewed from the point of view of acquisition, resolution and analysis of trajectories. The trajectory is constituted of an ensemble of projection) of the entire process phenomenon. The TIDASDAQ software package includes powerful algorithms and tools to understand the trajectories and achieve the target values.

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