IDS 1000
In-Situ Dissolution Test System

IDS 1000 or Fibre Optic In situ Dissolution System is about the application of direct measurement technology to Dissolution Testing. Traditionally, dissolution testing has been carried out on solid dosage forms using a standard dissolution test apparatus. Samples of the dissolving active within the dosage form are taken for estimation from the dissolution tester either manually, or using more automated means such as a pump which has been connected to a suitable measurement device, usually a UV-VIS Spectrophotometer. Using the IDS 1000 and the WinDiss ARGUS Dissolution Software, not only can the whole process of sample measurement be automated, but can also be self contained, such that there is no need for samples to be pumped out of the dissolution vessels to external measurement facilities such as a Spectrometer, because all that is needed for the measurements to be made is contained within the confines of the instrument itself.

The system control functions are provided by the WinDiss ARGUS Dissolution Software a fully 21 CFR part 11 (GAMP) compliant software package suitable for in-situ, closed loop and off-line system operation.


  • Integrated system consisting of dissolution testing instrument with 8 positions and UV, UV/VIS detector with a wavelength range of 190 to 610nm (190 to 1000nm optional), bandwidth 1.5nm
  • Integrated diode array spectrophotometer, fibre optic probes inside hollow shafts
  • Measurement times can be programmed from approx. 5 seconds up to multiple hours, system can be used for short and long time test runs
  • Electronic lift drive and Manual tablet magazine for synchronous tablet drop
  • Interfaces – RS232 and I/O port for remote control in automated applications
  • Controlled by WinDiss32 software package
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