DTS 800
All-in-One fully automated Dissolution Test System

The unique DTS 800 dissolution system offers a unique opportunity to have all components of online automated dissolution system contained in one integrated package: the dissolution testing instrument, the sample transfer pump, the spectrophotometer and all UV flow-through cells.

The advantages of such a system are low space requirement in valuable lab areas and faster sampling sequences due to shorter tubing. All connections are made with lockable “Luer” connectors for easy and secure installation and maintenance. All components are optimised for tablet dissolution and there is no vibration transfer to vessels and photometer. Furthermore, all components are easily accessible without moving the instrument from its qualified position. The system fully conforms to the current Pharmacopoeia requirements from USP <711/724> amd EP <2.9.3/4> for such a test system.

The DTS 800 is built on the base of the PTWS 310 instrument and included all of its features. It is equipped with an automated tablet drop magazine which also doubles as a low-evaporation vessel cover. It uses the EPE auto sampling system, which also holds the optional ITM media temperature monitoring system, to withdraw the samples from the dissolution vessels. The sampling probes are only inside the media as long as the sampling takes place. Also precise positioning of all sampling probes is secured and automatically adjusted according to the media volume in use. The standard supply scope includes a set of stainless steel individually coded Monoshaft™ stirrers with paddle adapters. The built-in 8-channel peristaltic pump uses inert Ismaprene tubing for the sample transfer.

The flow-through cells are placed inside the 8-cell changer of the diode array UV/VIS spectrophotometer which is built into the upper instrument housing. The cell changer can hold 8 cells with a maximum path length of 20mm and as small as 0.1mm. The DTS 800 uses no monochromator at the light source and no moving parts susceptible to wear and tear. The qualification for the DTS 800 is much easier compared to a standard UV instrument design. It offers greater stability at the 200nm end of the light spectrum and measurements in this region are not prone to background noise. The data collection is superior since the whole spectrum is scanned and recorded over very short time period.

The DTS 800 is controlled by the WinDiss ARGUS software.


  • Integrated diode array spectrophotometer
  • Integrated peristaltic pump
  • 8 stirred positons
  • Electronic lift drive
  • Manual tablet magazine for synchronous tablet drop
  • Options – Automated tablet magazine, EPE automated sampling system, ITM idividual temperature monitoring system
  • Interfaces – RS232 and I/O port for remote control in automated applications
  • Controlled by WinDiss ARGUS software package
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