Triple Basket Tablet Disintigration Tester

The triple basket disintegration testing instrument DIST 3 operates three baskets which are connected to a central stroke arm. This instrument offers the most basic yet cost effective instrument in the disintegration tester range which is ideal for new or limited budget installations. The DIST 3 conforms to all pharmacopoeia norms. Quiet, vibration free operation is a trade mark of the whole instrument range. Stroke height is fixed at 55 mm and the number of strokes set at 30/min. The maximum disinteration time can be pre-set and there is a digital display for the elapsed test time. The DIST3 is suitable for tablet and capslue disintegration testing as per USP<701/2040> and EP<2.9.1/ Test A and B>. The water circulation system is fully protected from overheating.

The instrument comes fully equipped, ready for use including full IQ and OQ documentation.


  • Fully USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1/ Test A and B> compliant
  • Triple station instrument
  • GMP comliant stainless steel housing
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