DFC-1210 including PTWS 1210 Bath
Semi-Automated Dissolution Testing

Whenever automated sampling from a dissolution bath is required the PTFC-12 fraction collector together with a pump offers an ideal choice. The control of the PTFC-12 fraction collector with respect to sampling times, dosage volumes, media refilling and pump drive is done via the keyboard and display or testing method file of the PTWS 1210 dissolution bath. Enter sampling times, program EPE auto sampling time or call up the required method and connect the system components together for a semi automated operation.

The PTWS 1210 is equipped with a TM tablet drop magazine and the EPE automated sampling manifold, which lowers the sampling tubes into the vessels while sampling and rises them at the end of a cycle out of the media. The EPE can be equipped with an ITM individual media temperature probe system, recording the media temperature while sampling. Correctly positioned sampling tubes only immersed while sampling, equal sampling times and standardized solvent transport offer a high standard of reproducability and reliability for dissolution tests.

Also the economical aspect will show that automated sampling offers advantages as the operator does only need to fill the flasks and introduce the samples, thereafter the system operates automatically. Using a PTFC-2 fraction collector means that the way of analysis is open for spectrometer or LC. The filled vials within the vial dish are manually moved to the analyzer and either manually injected or transferred to an auto-injection system.

The semi-automated dissolution test system DFC-1210 dissolution test system is composed of the following instruments:

  • The PTWS 1210 dissolution bath including full PTFE tubing installation, EPE auto sampling manifold and TM manual tablet drop magazine (ITM idividual temperature monitoring system optional)
  • The PTFC-12 fraction collector
  • An 16-channel peristaltic piston pump

Media refilling can be automated as well by using a 24-channel pump and the optional E-VEN pinch valve system for the PTFC-12 fraction collector.

Make sure to check the detailed descriptions about the PTWS 1210 dissolution bath and the PTFC-2 fraction collector as well.


  • Fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant
  • 12 stirred positions
  • System composed of PTWS 310 dissolution bath, PTFC-2 fraction collector and peristaltic pump or alternatively piston pump
  • Including EPE automated sampling manifold for synchronous sample withdrawal
  • Including TM tablet magazine for simultaneous tablet drop (automated tablet magazine available as an option)
  • Automated media refilling using E-VEN pinch valve system (option)
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