Tablet Hardness Tester

The PTB300 was very first electronical Tablet Hardness Tester and so the oldest member of the hardness tester team, but still the PTB302 is a very popular instrument. The PTB 302 is manufactured and supplied with an inox housing and built-in thermo-printer. It is designed in compliace to the USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> monographs.

Sample throughput is around 6 – 10 per minute. Standard instrument has a load cell up to 300N, but can be upgraded to 500N. Display results in N, Sc or Kp. Linear Force increase mode selection, built-in printer and RS-232 interface. No change of the Test Jaws required, design made to suit all sizes and shapes. This unit can be supplied for larger tablets up to 70 mm, too.


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